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SALE! Save 50% on a limited amount of old stock iPad and mini covers. SALE!Sale.html

Toast lets you design your custom cover by choosing the wood, an etched design and even add custom text that will be laser etched into the wood.  Each wood iPhone and iPad cover will be laser-cut to order from high quality, real wood veneers and hand finished.  All this for less then the cost of buying a big ugly case.

Toast covers are a high quality, real wood cover designed to protect and enhance your iPhone 4, 5, & 5C.  The wood adds grip and protects the iPhone’s back glass and camera lens so you can toss it on a table and not worry about scratching it.  Toast’s iPhone covers have a high quality peel and stick adhesive so they are easy to attach, long lasting. 

Toast iPad covers are also crafted from the highest quality real wood veneers.  They feature the same simple peel and stick adhesive.  Due to the iPad’s metal back, our iPad covers are not easily removable but are instead meant to be left on as a very durable, gorgeous and long lasting cover.

Want to carry TOAST iPhone covers and iPad covers in your store? 

Toast is now accepting wholesale accounts.  Email us at: sales (at) toastmade.com

Shop for Toast covers at our webstore.

Gorgeous real wood covers, crafted to enhance your iPhone and iPad.

“Functional, sustainable, and stylish protection for your iPhone 4 and 4S is here.”

Redesigned iPads!

We completely redesigned our iPad covers.  Now they fully wrap the sides and back for full-on Toast awesomeness!

Of course we worked our magic on the iPad mini as well.

SALE! Save 50% on a limited amount of old stock iPad and mini covers. SALE!Sale.html
NEW!  Installation and removal videos!Videos.html

“They have turned out to be among the coolest covers for gadgets I’ve ever encountered.”

-Sarah Wagner  USA Love List  (full review here.)

The S4 and Note2 get Toasty!

Fully wrap your Samsung gadgets in gorgeous wood, Toast style.

For S4 click here.

For Note 2 click here.

We are so excited to introduce the first full leather wrap for iPhone!  
More awesomeness here.iPhone_Leather.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
The first leather cover with the Kung-Fu grip.
So were we, 
but we found it and now bring it to you.
Looking for the One?
HTC One available here.HTC_One.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0
Toast magic comes to the  iPhone 5C!
(more info here.)iPhone_5C.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0
toast gets in your face!
(front face covers now available for iPad and iPhone)
What’s on the surface counts!
check them out here!Windows.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0
iPad Air has landed!
available now here!iPad.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
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Xperia Z now availableAndroid.html
iphone 4 leather! 
now availableiPhone_Leather.html
wrap your X in real wood for only $25Android.html
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NEXUS 5 is here!Android.html
still looking for the G?
we got your moto G right here!Android.html
LG G2!
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Earth Day 2014!

Today is Earth Day! To celebrate and draw attention to this day, TOAST is donating 25% of all sales to 350.org. 350.org is a powerful grassroots movement that springs to action to draw attention to our effects on our global climate and creates people-centric solutions to our climate crisis.

We are also giving away a unique Mother Earth cover.  All TOAST customers making a purchase at toastmade.com on Earth Day will be automatically entered to win this Mother Earth cover on their phone of choice. Let’s start to live better!          -Team Toast