Toast fans, rejoice!

When you are lovin' your Toast and you just gotta shout out about it, what better way to do it that emblazon the world (or at least your desk, computer or friend's jacket) with our awesome real wood stickers?! 

Like all the Toast you know and love, they are laser-perfect, finished by hand, and smell great.  And they're sticky!

Every Toast product plants a tree, contributes to environmental charities, and is made with 100% renewable energy.  Every one is designed and made in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

"Toastickers" Wood Sticker Party Pack
Are you a Toast SuperFan? Do you wish that everything in the world could be Toasted?  Do you just like to stick stickers on things?  So do we! Now you can spread the Toast love with our "Toastickers" Real Wood Sticker Party Pack!  This...