Social and environmental responsibility has been the backbone of our company since day one.

It is our mission to create incredible products, cultivate a fantastic workplace, and do powerful work to protect our shared natural world.

What makes Toast covers so environmentally friendly?

We use only real, responsibly grown, rainforest friendly wood and bamboo.

Our beautiful top grain leather comes from American cattle.

Toast runs on 100% renewable energy!

All Toast products are packed in FSC certified paper packaging.

We are committed to 'lean' business practices that streamline every aspect of our work and thinking to minimize waste. Our entire facility generates only one garbage can per month.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to environmental non-profits.

Over the years, we have supported:

Native Fish Society • • Trees, Water, and People • Heifer International • Trees for the Future • charity:water

In summer of 2016, we launched a partnership with our friends at Trees for the Future to plant one tree seedling for each product we make.

Trees for the Future is dedicated to planting trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future. Since its founding, the organization has planted more than 100 million trees worldwide.

Visit to learn more.

We love to watch the Toast tree tally grow!

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We proudly design and craft every one of our awesome products in Portland, Oregon, USA.

We're a band of artists, tree huggers, designers, dreamers, musicians, makers, bike enthusiasts, builders, coffee drinkers, culture makers, and a lot of other rad things we won’t mention to save you from excessive scrolling. Suffice it to say, we stand by what we believe in, and we believe in loving what you do. That’s why we make Toast.