Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus wood cover


We like to imagine that when E.T. phones home, he uses a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge decked out with a real wood Toast cover!

These sleek veneer cases are hand-finished, engineered with space-station details and precision-cut on our lasers for an airlock-tight fit.  

Our ingenious one-piece back cover wraps around the Samsung Galaxy S6's sides and corners like gravity warping around a black hole.  You also get a bonus lens surround and mini button covers!  Add an optional front cover for extra protection. 

Available in ebony, ash, walnut and bamboo.  

It's not rocket science to apply a Toast cover: just peel it, stick it, and blast off!  

All Toast cases feature: 

  • Long-lasting, high-quality adhesives
  • Naturally durable, gorgeous materials
  • Responsibly-sourced wood veneers
  • Sleek bump-and-scratch protection  
  • Easy removal without any sticky residue
  • Superb protection against grit that can cause damage when trapped inside snap-on phone cases
  • heck of a lot of style!

Each real wood Toast cover is designed and crafted by hand to order in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Did you know?   
As a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to environmental non-profits.  
We also plant a tree seedling through Trees For the Future for each product we make -  
because we've only got one beautiful planet and we've got to do our part to take care of it.

Have any questions?  Give us a shout and we'll help you out!

Go forth and be epic!

Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus wood cover Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Galaxy S6 Phone Cover in Walnut

Posted by Kate on 11th Jul 2018

The directions state that the corners are delicate, but I didn't realize just how easy it would be for them to break off. You essentially have one chance to stick the skin on and make sure all of the corners lay flat. I didn't have it on right the first try so I tried again. On the second application, one corner broke off completely and then other corner pieces came off over time. I thought those came off because they weren't laying completely flat, but now parts of the wood are chipping off randomly.The cover is very beautiful but because I live an active life, I will probably keep this for another month or two and then swap it out for something more durable.
I love Toast's products and their mission; I have a laptop cover from them and I plan on buying the bottom for it eventually, but I won't be buying some of the more delicate pieces from here on out.

Toast response:

We're sorry to hear that happened, We stand by our products. That being said, it sounds like this would fall under one of our warranties (, and we can definitely get you taken care of. Please email us at:

Best purchase in a long while

Posted by Adrian Rehm on 23rd May 2017

Absolutely stunning and worth every penny!


Posted by Lauren on 22nd Feb 2017

Great quality and my boyfriend loved it! He gets lots of compliments.

Awesome cover

Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2016

I love this cover and get compliments on it all the time. I have an S6 Edge and the walnut cover. I didn't have problems with the buttons falling off. I was extra careful with it the first couple weeks in order to make sure the button stickers adhered properly. The one problem I have is that the charging cable doesn't go completely in, but it does stay in and charge.

Volume button fell off

Posted by Adam on 5th May 2016

I would honestly have given this case 5 stars without question if the volume rocker hadn't fell off, my case still looks great just very odd with a volume rocker missing making it impossible to turn the volume down without a tonne of pressure!

Nice Skin

Posted by Sebastian on 22nd Apr 2016

Excellent material and you did a wonderful job with custom skin i've ordered. I modified it a little (cutted of the edges) so it only covers the back. It looks brilliant. Thank you

cheers to taost

Posted by Unknown on 20th Mar 2016

Love it!!!! Thanks toast team

Quality at its best!

Posted by Jonny on 29th Feb 2016

Looks great, feels great, fits great... It's great!


Posted by Ian on 25th Jan 2016

This outfit is a class act all the way around! I could not be happier with my phone cases (I ordered 4 custom designed in memory of my late brother, this one was for my sister and it fits perfectly) . I posted a photo on IG and like many of us these days always have my phone in my hand. I have received nothing short of ravings about this product. Keep doing what you're doing Toast Team. You have earned a lifetime advocate and customer. We will be doing lots of business in the future :D

Freaking sweet!

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2016

Fits perfectly on my s6 edge+. Edges were a little rough for the first couple days but got better. Don't know how much of a beatin it could take but it looks awesome.


Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2016

I've had some many compliments on this phone case that I'm amazed. I love the look, and so does everyone else.

Almost Perfect

Posted by A on 6th Jan 2016

I bought this as a gift and it fit the phone perfectly and was easy to put on. However, a couple of the corner pieces had thinly chipped edges within a couple of weeks, even though the edges of the case were rolled flat as the instructions said. I am a little disappointed at this. Other than that, it looks great which is why I gave it 5 stars.

Makes my phone look sexy

Posted by TwoGirls1Sniper on 31st Dec 2015

My buddy helped me put the case on. You definitely need to be careful with that because it's easy to mess up. I love this case. Very fine craftsman ship, this is the best case that I've ever owned.

Delayed arrival

Posted by Kevin on 19th Dec 2015

Let me just start off by saying the question asks: "How do you rate this product?" I give the product a well-earned 5. It is beautiful and rugged (with the exception of one tiny corner piece which chipped). However, as I write this review, I must talk about my experience as a whole. First off, I ordered the product as a gift. I payed an additional $5+ for 2 day shipping and it took more than a week for it to arrive. Needless to say, the gift did not arrive in time for the occasion (plus I technically did not get what I payed $5+ for).

Additional comment I feel is worth mentioning: When putting my phone in my pocket, a corner from the toast case actually ripped the cloth of the inside of my pocket! I don't know about you, but that's pretty freaking awesome. This case is genuine. I will be ordering a toast for my Macbook Air soon, hopefully it comes in time for Christmas!

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your review, and so sorry to hear of the corner trouble! All Toast covers are sanded, the edges are bevelled, and they're treated to 3 coats of a hand rubbed finish. Unless it takes a very hard hit to a corner, chipping should never be an issue. If you're able to send a picture to, we'll gladly craft a replacement!

As stated on our site and confirmation email, orders can take 5-7 business days to craft due to the high volume of holiday orders. Lead time will return to 3-5 business days in January.

Our apologies once again for the trouble, and please let us know if we can be of further assistance! :)

~Team Toast

Looks great on the gold s6

Posted by Kevin on 5th Dec 2015

I purchased the walnut for my gold galaxy s6, and I must say it looks great. The only problem I have is the fit. The corner's don't really fit the way they should. But besides that its great I love it.I hope they put more effort in perfecting the fit in the future

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your review, and sorry for any disappointment with the fit! We had to end the wood at the fine bevel at the front of the S6. The bevel is so small that the wood would not have conformed to the shape well. The wood thickness does stand proud of the phone, so with the front cover on, the wood will make contact before the bevel if it is dropped. As opposed to vinyl skins, our real wood does add protection and holds up to daily wear and tear.

If you believe there is something wrong with the fitting, please email a picture of the problem area to us at and we'll get you taken care of! :)

~Team Toast


Posted by Shen on 18th Sep 2015

I had high hopes for this product, when i saw that my order has been delivered i was very enthousiastic about how well it was cared for and how the quality of the wood is and feels, it even smells like that freshly cut-like, love it.

however, when i started with the assembly everything went fine till step 2 ( seeing it it fits and it looked like it fit really well). then when i continued at step 3 and 4 I saw that the product is too small for the device, (I am talking 0,3 to 1 mm) so I was forced to try and get it of the device, obviously it called for more complications so i rolled with it and tried to slide it to one side . what I now have is my S6 edge were some corners are squares slightly densed to eachother and one side wich i had to cut the small strip of wood of, wich damaged the device.

You are probably going to say that you are sorry to hear that, and cant do anything about it, but i can't seem to help that an order exceeding 50 dollars has a very slight inset wich makes it too small for the device.

I might just be the unlucky costumer who had to deal with this issue (and i hope this review makes it possible to prevent such problems)

kind regards

Hi Shen,

So sorry to hear about your Toast trouble! We design our covers to fit like a glove, and they're laser-cut to precision, so fitting should never be an issue. Please send us an email at with your order info and we will get you taken care of!

~Team Toast

Toast love from Greece

Posted by Raphael on 31st Aug 2015

Thank you for your prompt cooperation. You made my phone unique

Pretty good

Posted by Cory on 14th Aug 2015

Recently ordered and installed the bamboo base wrap. The wood feels nice, install was easy. One corner chipped when I rolled it on and another corner had a splinter in it, seems like that's just something you have to live with when you work with real wood. Edged feel quite rough at the moment, but I feel as if they should wear nicely. Helps reduce the slipperiness of the unwrapped S6 glass back.

Hi Cory,

Thank you for your review, and so sorry to hear about the corner issues! We only craft from top quality woods which receive three coats of a hand-rubbed finish for extra protection. Please send us an email at with your order info and we'll get you taken care of!

~Team Toast