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  • HTC1 Ebony back panel w/ etching
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  • M7 Detail Walnut front panel
  • M7 Detail Ebony edge view
  • M7 Detail Walnut edge view
  • M7 Detail Walnut back panel w/ etching
  • M8 Detail Walnut back panel w/ etching
  • M8 Detail Walnut w/ etching
  • M9 Detail Walnut back panel w/ etching
  • M8 Detail Bamboo back panel w/ etching
  • M9 Detail Walnut edge view
  • M9 Detail Walnut front panel
  • M9 Detail Ash back panel w/ etching

HTC One M7 / M8 / M9


Product Description

May we present the one and only phone cover you will ever need: Toast's sleek and sensuously curved real wood case for your HTC One M7 / M8 / M9.  Beautifully engineered with precise details, laser-cut and finished by hand, this baby is one in a million.  So straightforward to apply, you can practically do it with one hand tied behind your back: just peel it, line it up with a little care, and stick it on.  Available in not one, but sumptuous, sustainable wood choices: walnut, ebony and ash.  You'll wish you had more than one phone to sass up!

The HTC One M7 kit includes a back cover, side wraps, dual front plates and adorable wee button covers.

The HTC One M8 cover is a cleverly-designed one-piece that wraps the back and sides of the phone in full-on woodiness.  Also comes with button covers!

The HTC One M9 one-piece cover wraps the back and sides of the phone and includes a lens ring cover and button covers. Add a matching front face panel for the full treatment.



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  1. Looks awesome, 10/10 would recommend

    Posted by Tiew Ban Heng on 12th Mar 2017

    I bought this case 9 months ago and finally decided to write this review as I wanted to see how this case would hold up over an extended period of use.
    Turns out it holds up really well and the case still looks great to this very day. I would often get compliments like "WOAH what phone is that??" or "That is one badass phone/case you got there" and it made me proud to continue using my 2+ years old phone because of this case. What impressed me is all the phone ports and sim/sd trays are unobstructed and it's compatible with 95% of the usb cables I've tried and surprisingly all of the headphones I've tried(except for one REALLY bulky one). It survived many falls and bumps and I was really careless with it, it chipped only twice on parts that are unnoticeable(corners). Considering how rough I am with it over this 9 months I'm really impressed with the durability of the case and I wouldn't be surprised if the phone died first before the case got replaced.

    But there's a few gripes that I have with it:
    The volume button definitely feels slightly less tactile because of this skin. It's not a deal breaker tho, and I wouldn't worry about it.
    Another issue I have with it is after long term use, the skin will get some dirt trapped in the crevices of the wood and will need a little more effort to clean it. Admittedly I chose Ash wood which made any dirtiness more obvious than other woods and I have to be extra mindful of where I place my phone. But don't get me wrong, it still looks PHENOMENAL to this day. Oh, and if you have lint problems in the first or second week, don't worry about it, it's gone by the third week or so.

    Overall, despite some gripes I have with it, I would still use it and definitely would Toast my next phone. 10/10 would recommend

  2. Amazing

    Posted by Liam on 22nd Feb 2017

    I have only had this case for 2 weeks and I have already received a number of compliments about the case. It looks super sexy and also comes with some amazing customer service. With them willing to send me a replacement of my front cover after I lost it. Would definitely recommend anyone debating this case to definitely buy it.

  3. Gotta say, cover is aweome

    Posted by Eric on 24th Sep 2016

    I tend to live by the credo "if you're thinking something nice than don't keep it to yourself" and it dawned on me yesterday that I have never given Toast their proper public high five. I have had a Toast cover on my multiple HTC One M8's, as the cover tends to last longer than the phone does, and it looks awesome, fits perfectly and never ceases to be a conversation starter. Normally it begins with "what kind of phone is's wood?" and goes on from there. Keep up the great work Toast and I will continue my usual civic duty to send people your way who also want a wooden phone.

  4. Pretty great

    Posted by walter on 22nd Apr 2016

    I got the off white wood (forgot the name) with the squid burned it. I am very pleased. It's is quite confortable in the hand and fits almost perfectly. Very easy to install. My only problems are that the adhesive doesn't seem to quite stick down the corner wings perfectly and the volume buttons feel like shit when I press them now (I have the button cover over them).

    Hi Walter,

    Thanks for the lovely review, and so sorry to hear of the issues! As long as you cleaned the device using the included pad so it's free of hand oils, peeling should never be an issue. Button covers also take a day or two of use to wear down the little bit of adhesive exposed around the issues.

    Please shoot an email to and we'll get you taken care of! :)

    ~Team Toast

  5. Amazing Product

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Feb 2016

    Really high quality case. Took a bit of time to get it as perfect as i wanted it but otherwise an amazing product and holding up well.

  6. A golden key fits every door.

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2016

    They immediately replaced my cover after getting to know they sent me the wrong cover. Free of charge !! Now I have two of them, and I love both really much.
    Professional work, constientious team, thanks for having you guys.

  7. I have no complaints

    Posted by Aysia on 7th Jan 2016

    It's pretty. The button covers were a bit hard to seperate from the packaging in order to install. Works great once it's on.

  8. Cooler than the Billy Dee Williams side of my pillow

    Posted by James on 23rd Jul 2015

    I got this cover after much debate of weather I wanted to get a slip on case or a stick on cover. Glad I chose to take a chance. This cover is really well put together and fits great if you take your time. The ONLY down side I observe is that my charger does not fit fully into the port on the bottom of my phone. BUT, fear not, for I have a second cable which fits perfectly. Great design, I love the feel in my hand.

  9. Czech impressions

    Posted by Roman R. on 6th Jul 2015

    Hi there,
    greetings from Czech Republic. Firt of all, I ordered a cover for my M8 and waited almost 2 weeks for it. I am still overwhelmed about it's crafting and style. This 3M adhesive is really good, hope it will stick on my phone to it's very end and when I'll get new one, will definitely buy another TOAST cover... :) I hope I am one of the very few Czech people who owns your product (if not the only one :) ).
    Only one minor issue is that Ebony is not a real Ebony, but painted Ash... My friend from Italy is creating hand-crafted wood furniture and told me that but also said it is very nice!
    Thank you again for this wonderful product.

  10. Unique

    Posted by Padraig on 18th May 2015

    Love this cover.
    It's really unique and while it can be fiddly to fit once it's on (take your time here) it really does look great. The feel takes some getting used to and if you have dogs like me be prepared to deal with some stuck hairs until all the glue dries. Everyone who's seen it love it so expect to see more around where I live quite soon.

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