Inlay Series wood phone covers


Why not play around? Toast's fantastique “Inlay Series” starts with the same elegant and environmentally friendly materials that Toast uses in all of its designs – gorgeous, real wood veneers – and adds a whole new level of magnifique.

Each “Inlay Series” phone cover features precise laser-cut stencil patterns and a kit of multiple cutout pieces in all four wood colors that can be mix-n'-matched to create a variety of custom effects. Create your own unique marquetry look by swapping out the interchangeable inlay pieces until you get your design precisely the way you want it.

Available in four sumptuous, sustainable wood choices: walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash.  The sleek veneer attaches directly and securely to your phone with a high-quality adhesive, protecting it from sand and other particulates that commonly damage devices when they become trapped inside a typical phone case.  

Application goes down even easier than a hot, buttery croissant: just peel it, stick it, et voila! 

Many models come with the option of a front panel for a little extra je ne sais quoi. (Which means "screen crack protection" in French.)

So go ahead and add your own style to Toast’s fresh take on traditional, centuries-old European marquetry techniques.  It's a match made in heaven.  

Inlay Series wood phone covers Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

High quality precision fit.

Posted by Daniel Darby on 21st Oct 2017

Took my time installing and it fits perfectly. Watch as many YouTube videos as you can find before attempting installation. Been rocking the light color Ash skin for about a month now and it still looks perfect.


Posted by Chase on 5th Mar 2017

This case is gorgeous and the inlay design is a must. Feels great and I've had no problem with durability.

Love the Aesthetic, Worry About Durability

Posted by Daniel on 23rd Dec 2016

I was very happy with the build quality, packaging and installation of the Inlay Series. Getting it on my phone was a smooth process, and I could live with a few micro-sized imperfections on the application. Once applied, my Google Pixel looked absolutely gorgeous, and felt great in the hand -- bar none, this suddenly became the best looking phone I've ever had (or maybe ever seen). It draws compliments and comments constantly.

However, one of the inlaid pieces is already starting to pop out, as is one of the corner pieces. Almost each time I hold my phone, I have to smooth the pieces back down into place -- not sure how long that's going to keep working. I followed the instruction applications to a tee, and I'm borderline OCD with my phone -- I'm a very light user, and the most wear and tear the phone has experienced is being in the pocket of nice pants. This is hugely disappointing -- if the cover can't last for a week without starting to peel, I have big concerns about its longevity. At a total cost of $54, this thing really should last more than a week and change.


Posted by Dan W on 29th Nov 2016

The fitting, cuts and quality of this was top-notch on my Pixel XL. It provides extra grip, looks stunning and adds protection. Really unique compared to the bland cases and vinyl skins you see everywhere.

Great, comfy, quality

Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2016

Great product. Took a lot of care to put it on, and I couldn't be happier. It feels great and I've gotten several compliments about it.


Posted by Anaima on 5th Jul 2016

Great product. Love how it feels in-hand. This should not be installed in a hurry. Buyers should not be disturbed during install. Once it's done, it's a beauty to look at.

Precision engineered to look wonderful

Posted by Doug Paulley on 27th Jun 2016

I must admit I was sceptical. I ordered this from across the Atlantic, and ended up paying extra for the customs clearance. When it arrived, it was a set of bits of what looked like chips of cheap veneer in little plastic baggies, stapled to a dog-eared piece of card. I thought it was all hype and that I had been ripped off.
I spent a happy hour installing it on my LG V10.and I have to say I was blown away. What looked like a set of rubbish pieces turned out to be precision cut, very well designed beautiful wood. It fits the phone perfectly, with everything "just so" and looks quite simply fantastic. It feels good in my hand too.
The unobtrusive inclusion of my contact details etched into the wood is a great added feature: should I lose it, my contact details are stuck to the phone and clearly readable without in any way affecting the appearance of the phone.
There are a couple of very minor areas where improvement could be made: presumably due to the natural variation in the wood, some colours (e.g. ivory) are thicker and stand slightly proud, also there's a fraction of a millimetre of a gap between the front pieces and the sides. But that's really trying to find any fault, and it's not at all obvious - also shows that the use of natural material means every Toast is unique. And it's most unpreprocessing when it arrives - the packaging could be improved if they're going to try and sell it "sight unseen", as it were! Also I wasn't sure what inlay parts are provided: one selects the colour of the surround, and then there are six of each of the four different colours for the chevron inlay, I.e. enough shaped pieces of each colour are sent to ensure that any combination is possible - the choice of the customer is maintained. The grain direction is seemingly random, but I like the extra dimension this brings to my inlay.
I really like this - and I'm not easily swayed by gimmicks: this product is the genuine article. Helps too that the people are friendly, proactive and helpful - I came across them through their interaction on XDA, and they emailed me to check an aspect of the engraving order before they made it.
Product and service highly recommended - do go ahead!


Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2016

Me encantó este Skin para teléfonos no tengo ninguna sugerencias por que todo está donde se supone que esté perfecto.

Amazing Toast cover but no front panel

Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2016

The cover is amazing l like it too much but I didn't get the Front panel l hope Toast Team do something regarding this


Hi there!

So sorry that you didn't receive the front panel with your order. If you could please contact us at or by phone at 503.206.7398 we'd be happy to get that shipped right out to you.


Amazing. Full stop.

Posted by Dwinanda Aldyan on 16th Mar 2016

First of all, kudos to USPS and the packaging team. It has just arrived in my office in Indonesia, unscathed, after only 19 days (relatively quick considering I used the economy shipment).
Application was easy, I followed the detailed instruction on the package. Now on to the goods itself. It is exquisite. The smell, the texture, ugh, magic. I can't go too far away from my phone today. Living here, owning a 6P has already set you apart from the crowd, but with this skin applied, I feel awesome pulling my phone out from my pocket, or even putting it on the table at meetings (downwards of course!)

Cheers, Toastmade.

I bought 6P because of it

Posted by Sergey on 9th Mar 2016

Meet this guys on CES and fall in love with their cases. Awesome product. One of a kind. I was looking for something similar and I got it. Great quality, super slim. Have no idea how they make it but can amaging how long it takes to develop it. Great. 100 out of 10. Take it! Even if it's your last money.

Best customized cover ever!

Posted by Pietro on 13th Feb 2016

Amazing details and awesome quality.
A piece of art for your smartphone.

Fantastic quality for such a reasonable price

Posted by Samuel McClendon on 11th Feb 2016

Everything came included as promised
Application was extremely quick and easy
The feel of real wood is awesome
The front cover sticks perfectly to my screen protector.
The holes that fit over the touch buttons, lens and ear piece on the front face of the phone are kind of deep and it is very easy for small dust particles, lint, carpet fibers, etc. to get caked in there which can interfere with the sensitivity of the buttons or clarity of the front facing camera. It did impact my ability to use the finger print phone unlock feature, so i just switched to using a swipe pattern. Before the case, 1 finger touch would open the phone; after applying the case, it took a few more tries due to dust collection or hole depth. Just be sure to wipe or blow those little holes out on a semi-regular basis and it shouldn't be too big of a deal. If the holes had a beveled edge (google it if you don't know what that looks like), it might alleviate the above mentioned issues, but overall, I am pleased with this purchase and have suggested it to others. I will be a repeat customer no doubt!

Hi Samuel,

Thank you for the lovely review, and sorry to hear of the button trouble! Unfortunately we're unable to bevel the edges of the S6 button cutouts due to their narrow, oblong shape. Toast does have a little bit of adhesive exposed around the edges, however this will wear off after a week or so of use, and lint is never again an issue. If you wish to speed up the process, just dip a Q-tip in some isopropyl alcohol and give the edges a wipe down; you'll be good to go!

Thanks again for your support & rocking Toast! :)

~Team Toast