iPad wood cover


Our shapely and sophisticated real wood covers for the Apple iPad are the perfect way to give your gadget grip, protection and style without adding bulk! 

Each cover is cut from one piece of gorgeous wood veneer and beautifully engineered with precise details to cleverly wrap the iPad's back, sides and curvy corners with incredible precision and natural style.  We laser-cut our covers for a perfect fit and finish each one by hand to bring out the unique grain patterns in each piece of wood veneer.  Each case is a stand-out one-of-a-kind!  

There's no mistaking the natural beauty, depth, and texture of real wood: Toast cases look, smell, and feel great!  We guarantee that you'll love it every single time you use it.  

The iPad cover kit includes ALL this awesomeness:

  • One-piece back, sides, and corners wrap 
  • Matching button cover set

Our covers are a cinch to apply: peel, stick, bravo! (Full instructions included.)  

Available in walnut, ash, and eco-ebony.

Bonus points!

  • Front screen frame available
  • Integrates seamlessly with the magnetic Apple Smart Cover 
  • Looks fabulous with our real wood Apple Smart Cover Panels!

iPad Mini 4 Installation

Watch The Toastmaster install a walnut Toast cover on an Apple iPad Mini 4 and learn his tips and tricks for getting a perfect installation!  

Features our optional front cover. 

All Toast covers feature: 

  • Long-lasting, high-quality adhesives
  • Naturally durable, gorgeous materials
  • Responsibly-sourced wood veneers
  • Sleek bump-and-scratch protection
  • Easy removal without any sticky residue
  • heck of a lot of style!
Each real wood Toast cover is made to order and crafted by hand in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

We live our values! 
As a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to environmental non-profits.  
We plant a tree for each product we make through Trees For the Future.
We've only got one beautiful planet to share and we need to do our part to take care of it!
Please note: Custom etchings that exceed 4 inches in height (regardless of width) will incur an extra fee depending on size and complexity.  Additional charges for our amazing custom marquetry options (inlaid wood, metallic, or colored film pieces) are assessed on a per-piece basis based on size.  Toast logo removal is also available for an extra fee.  Our designers will provide you with an estimate of any additional fees with your computer rendering. 
Have any questions?  Give us a ring and we'll help you out!
Go forth and be epic!

iPad wood cover Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Ipad mini cover 5th gen

Posted by Rachael on 13th Nov 2019

SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!! It's exactly what I had hoped for. Gives it the outdoorsey look and is super light and thin. I don't plan on dropping it ever, but I'm glad it's there just in case.

Third iPad Toasted

Posted by Jimbo on 1st Nov 2019

This is the third iPad that I've put a Toast on; I carry this device with me everywhere, and it gets a lot of notices and compliments. I love the feel of real wood as I use the tablet, and it's a sturdy skin that installs easily and fits absolutely perfectly. I needed some assistance from Toast during the purchasing process, and Matias absolutely took care of everything I needed. Thank you very much, and I look forward to Toasting my next iPad in a few years!

I pad cover

Posted by John Radi on 17th Sep 2019

GREAT looks and feel. Easy to apply

The Best Accessory for my iPad....Ever

Posted by Anita Cadonau-Huseby on 19th Sep 2018

I learned about Toasts wood covers from a tech vlog on YouTube and ordered the cover for my 10.5 inch iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard. I had some initial concerns when ordering about how the corners would adhere but the entire thing, corners included, conforms so beautifully and securely to the device, and as someone who has yet to ever successfully affix a screen protector to any of my iPhones, the Toast covers, including the front screen wrap-around, were super easy to add to the device.
The cover looked so terrific on my smaller iPad that I went ahead and ordered another complete set for my 12.9 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The quality is simple amazing. I love the look of it but just as much how it feels in my hands. The only reason I haven’t bought a cover for my iPhone X yet is that I prefer more protection for my phone.

Not bad. Only American version of this off Etsy.

Posted by Franklin Eaglebarger on 28th Aug 2018

Install was a bit of a pain but any adhesive based would be. It is pretty though and seems to be holding up well. Best part about it is the smell lol


Posted by Daniel Velazquez on 1st May 2018

Excellent product!!! Great quality, love the look.

Not like in the past,....

Posted by Jeanne Paras on 17th Oct 2017

I had ordered the same cover for my older iPad and it was wonderful. This one didn't go on as it should have and the corners are always lifting up. Everything was cleaned before I applied, so not sure why.

Best skin I've ever used

Posted by Charles Thompson on 29th Sep 2017

I'm on my fourth iPad. The current one is the iPad Pro 10.5. To keep the feel and thinness of the device, I've always favored skins over cases.

Over the years, I've owned some phenomenal skins — but the Toast walnut skin on my iPad Pro is easily the best. No vinyl skin can top the luxurious, natural feel of real wood. And it looks amazing, even better than in the product shots. The walnut has absolutely no gloss, which I love. That means it doesn't pick up my fingerprints at all. A week's worth of handling, and it looks factory-new. Best of all, the older it gets, the more "authentic" it'll look as the wood wears.

Application was way easier than my other skins. Vinyl skins have a tendency to flop over onto themselves, sticking to themselves and rendering them useless. Or, you can't get them to line up on all four sides. Or you have to use a hot hair dryer. The Toast skin, on the other hand, has some structure, because it's made of wood. If you line it up as instructed, the super-precise cutouts all fall into place. My full application took less than five minutes.

As long as I own iPads, I'll never use another skin. Kudos to Toast!

Alomost perfect...

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sep 2017

Got the ebony skin for my iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd Gen) recently. As always, the product was impeccably finished and the back panel at least fit the device like a glove. My issue is with the front panel pieces, they leave about a mm of the bezel exposed on the sides, and a little more than that on the top and bottom. Find it especially unsightly on my tablet w/ the white bezels...

TOAST RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback. We did choose expose a bit more of the screen then having the wood come right to the inside edge.
This is because of the function of the touch screen. For your finger to register right on the edge of the screen we needed to pull the wood back about 1mm. Visually it would have been nice but it would have compromised the functionality. Thanks.

Coolest iPad skin ever!

Posted by Remmington on 18th Sep 2017

The Toast iPad skin makes my iPad look so much better. It gives it a fresh look, and I love that it isn't bulky and works with my smart keyboard.

Nothing Better

Posted by Michael on 2nd Aug 2017

This is my 3rd Toast. I don't think I'll ever be able to have an iPad without it. Maybe I didn't notice it on my previous model, but the edge with the cutout for the smart cover didn't want to completely stay adhered. It's only very slight but you can push your finger and feel a soft give. It may have simply been my fault when applying but everything is lined up correctly. I used a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive to try to re-adhere the edges and it helped a bit. Regardless I don't think it will come apart and it certainly isn't a deal breaker. Removing the cover off my previous iPad was not easy because the adhesive was so good, which I like about the product. I will always recommend Toast because nothing else on the market is real wood and fits practically seemless as if it is the device itself. Thanks.


Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2016

Always great! For me these are a must have for all my electronics. My first Toast skin is now several years old and still looks fantastic even next to the new one.

Love the cover, but installation was a pain

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2016

This is a really great cover - the warmth and look of real wood in a lightweight cover. It improves my grip of the iPad, and I always get nice comments about it.

However, the installation process was really a bear! I tried lining it up, taping it in place, but still came out wonky at the bottom end. I figured it was best to get the camera and flash lined up best and take my changes on the lightning port. It worked out, but not 100% happy because of it. I'm not sure how to solve it, but something more than the video from a guy who has done it 100 times would be a good start.


Posted by Jon Fitzgerald on 16th Oct 2016

The iPad mini case is absolutely fantastic. Expertly produced and cut, it easily fits onto the tablet perfectly. Application was straightforward and didn't pose any problems at all, and when the cover is on the iPad it looks really classy. Also fantastic service from the guys at Toast, following some ridiculous treatment for FedEx. The Toast team were extremely helpful and sent out replacements immediately via USPS.
I thoroughly recommend toast covers and will definitely be using them again!

Head Turner

Posted by Grant on 8th Jul 2016

You really do only get one crack at it. Mine accidentally stuck to my ipad as I was trying to line in up and I carefully tried to get it up without cracking the wood (Very difficult). Fortunately the edges are designed in a way that they can be separated (however I wouldn't reccommend doing so unless you need to fix a mistake), and after some tedious work I was able to get it lined up correctly. Because I had to separate the one of the corners in order to realign I let the device sit for a couple days to allow the adhesive to completely cure before I started playing with it again. Overall the look and feel of the device was worth the trouble. I will be purchasing toast again for my next device because no other skin gives you the look AND the feel of real wood.

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the Toast love, and sorry to hear of the install trouble! We do have a "butterfingers" replacement policy; just send us an image of the misalignment and we'll craft a complimentary replacement. :)

~Team Toast

Beautiful Product

Posted by Unknown on 15th Jun 2016

This is my second time getting a cover, as this is for my second iPad! I got the ebony one, and I've also received several compliments! It's a bit tricky to get it on straight, but you just have to line up the button holes with some patience. Arrived pretty quickly in good packaging. Love it! :)

Nicest looking protection for my iPad Pro

Posted by Tina on 2nd Jun 2016

I had a custom ebony wood Toast cover made for my 12.9" iPad Pro. Customer service is exceptional and I got a render of my drawing done very quickly. My iPad Pro is now the envy amongst my colleagues and peers in the hospital!

Long lasting and looking great

Posted by David on 1st May 2016

I bought the walnut cover for my iPad mini 2, 2 years ago and have been carrying it around in a bag along with books, and other objects.Not only does it look great but it also is remarkably resistant to scratches. I am soon ordering another one for the iPad pro 9.7.


Posted by Prochauffeur on 5th Mar 2016

After applying the item to my iPad Mini, I visited a local coffee house. A very beautiful woman approached me and asked 'Is that Real WOOD?' I slowly leaned back in my chair and with a sly grin said 'yes, why yes it is REAL WOOD!' A smile touched the corner of her lips and we've been dating ever since. REAL WOOD!

Great product but misaligned installation

Posted by Aman Shaukat Yousuf on 28th Feb 2016

The product looks great! However, the installation is not easy, and you just have one chance to stick it. The Ipad is large, so misaligned edges become even more evident (which is what happened to me). A template should be provided to help with a perfectly aligned, clean installation.

Overall, the product is great, but the misaligned installation really bothers me!


Posted by Angela L on 2nd Jan 2016

Been looking for a "wood" finish cover for hubby's iPad for awhile before finding this one. I'm impressed because not only was it a quality build, but it was a lot thinner than any other wood case I've found. Doesn't make the iPad all bulky and awkward. Hubby is very picky, and he absolutely loves this case!

Beautiful Woody iPad

Posted by Ethan Fineout on 24th Dec 2015

It went on perfectly and now my iPad blends in nicely with my nightstand. The corners were a bit tricky but we are talking about applying flat wood to a surface with curves on two axis. I am absolutely pleased and will purchase again.

Looks better online

Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2015

I guess I like my new back cover, but it was a little hard to get on. Especially the corners, they don't seem that flush. And a long piece cracked while applying it. Overall not that impressed. I think the directions for applying it could be better too.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the install issues! Please shoot us an email at cs@toastmade.com referencing your order and we'll get you taken care of!

~Team Toast


Posted by Max on 19th Jun 2015

I love Toast Wood skins so much that I have one on my iPhone 6 Plus and on my iPad Mini 3. Now I'm about to have them make a custom one for my Macbook Air 11". What else can I say? It absorbs shock really well and prevents what would otherwise be significant damage.

I will say this though - no matter how easy they make it look on YouTube, removal is NOT easy. The catch is this: the longer the skin is attached to your device, the more the adhesive has set in and the harder it will be to peel off. Even with heat applied, it doesn't simply peel off. Most of the adhesive residue remains on the device and you have to basically roll it off with your fingers. This was a pain to do but there really is no other way, that's how it is - and that's how it will be when using a strong high-quality 3M adhesive. It's not a negative, but it's something to consider if you aren't good at this kind of stuff. I replaced my back cover on my iPhone because of fall damage and I wanted to get a new skin without scuff marks, so I removed the old one and had to go through that process. Imagine that with a larger surface area than a 6+ (ie: MacBook!)

Anyway, in conclusion - the skin is high-quality, real wood, fantastic laser etching, the finishes are great, the look and even the smell is great. The feel in your hand is great. I love Toast skins and I want to wrap just about everything I own with one. MacBook Air is next.

This cover is amazing!!!

Posted by Jarred on 29th Apr 2015

I really like the attention to detail that was put into this product. The installation was pretty straight forward, and I'm really happy with my purchase. My only problem is that I didn't get an alcohol pad with my purchase, so I had to use one that I had on hand. But other than that everything else was fine, and I would recommend this product to anyone.


Posted by Ph on 25th Apr 2015

Love my walnut cover....adds a very sophisticated look to my mini!

IPad face lift

Posted by David on 18th Apr 2015

Beautifully cut wood panels, easy to apply and gave my iPad2 a much needed face lift!!!


Posted by Wills on 11th Apr 2015

Bought mine from the gadget show today, amazing quality and awesome look


Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2015



Posted by Derrek on 28th Feb 2015


Awesome look

Posted by Terry on 13th Nov 2014

I was a little confused with the website, since it seemed like I bought two covers for my iPad. Then I got all the bamboo panels for my device and Smart cover, and it looks awesome. The thing I like the most is the tactile sensation of the grain of the wood. The grip and protection is great too, at it looks good. It is probably the best cover I ever got for my device and will suggest this product to others...

I'm loving it!

Posted by Roman on 5th Nov 2014

Really it makes an iPad look like it's been cut out from some tree, add any wood pattern wallpapers on desktop and it's done - completely wooden country style device! Love it.