Laptop Screen / Keyboard Surround (wood)


Once you start Toasting your gadgets, you'll want to wrap everything you own in gorgeous, real wood veneer.  

Our screen surrounds kit out your laptop screen with a good-lookin' protective frame.  

Our keyboard surrounds furnish your fingers with a warm and velvety-smooth wood surface to stroke while considering the perfect emoticon for the occasion. 

Some models cover the entire keyboard area (minus the actual keys themselves) and others surround only the trackpad area.  Laptops with tight hinges won't accommodate the full surround. 

Both are designed with Toast's signature obsessively-perfect detailing, laser-cut and hand-finished to perfection.

These surrounds attach directly and securely to your laptop with a high-quality removable adhesive, protecting it from sand and other damaging particulates.

Available in four sustainable wood choices: walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash.  

Easy to apply: just peel it, stick it on, and Bob's your uncle!

**Limited to models that have adequate clearance for the lid to close properly after installation. See the dropdown menu for availability.

Laptop Screen / Keyboard Surround (wood) Reviews

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Keyboard frame

Posted by Massinissa Benali on 16th Aug 2019

This is a Great product that is easy to install, very premium and durable

Looks Great

Posted by Andrew on 12th Aug 2019

The Keyboard Surround looks great. Got it because the alcantara fabric on a Surface Laptop is hell on earth to keep clean over time. I've tried pretty much every substance known to man and had largely become resigned to having stained palm rests before discovering Toast. Most importantly, it appears to be sticking strong. I had some doubts since it's sticking to fabric, rather than metal/plastic. It does prevent the laptop from staying closed, but this particular laptop is basically used as a desktop 90% of the time, so it's not a big deal. Shipping was an absolute eyeroll affair, however, taking two weeks to arrive from Portland to Hawaii.

Surface book 2 15''

Posted by Mahmood albahrani on 26th May 2019

I have bought the whole deal the full laptop cover/keyboard and screen cover.
It changed the look of the laptop it looks amazing. The only down side is installing the cover you have to be precise. Other than that its amazing.


Posted by Ezra on 6th Apr 2019

Fits well, looks great, smells awesome, easy to install. Feels much better than the aluminum of the macbook under my palms as I type. Def recommend!

Awesome keypad cover

Posted by Jennifer on 11th Mar 2019

Best one I've ever had. So sleek and clean
Everything I imagined and more!

Surface Laptop 2 Keyboard Surround

Posted by Andrew on 19th Feb 2019

The fit is perfect and it looks great too! I couldn't be more pleased.

Laptop, Screen & Keyboard Surround

Posted by Mike Schaul on 12th Jul 2018

To be honest I was a little dubious when I ordeed this online. I thought surely it couldn’t have as good a fit and finish as it appears in the photos. I was completely wrong. Every piece fits like a glove and it was very easy to install on my Dell XPS13. The result is a distinctive and attractive laptop that is personalised and unique. I love it.

Everything Fit Perfectly Except the Screen Cover

Posted by Lauren Ruiz on 27th Apr 2017

So I bought this case a few weeks ago and let me just say it was perfect! The wooden cover felt classy and and everything stuck and nothing is falling apart. My laptop looks great after buying this cover. The only reason why I am giving this product 3 stars is that I spent extra money to get the screen cover. It came in perfect condition however it was missing a hole for the privacy light. If you have a surface book pro you might notice there is an infrared camera that blinks red but there is a hidden white light between the webcam and the mic. This is the privacy light that indicates if your webcam is on. The screen cover does not provide a hole for this light. I contacted Toastmade with a picture of this missed hole thinking my product may have been faulty. They responded promptly and claimed to have given me a Surface Pro screen cover and gladly sent me a replacement! That was great of them but when I got the replacement, it was the exact same thing. The privacy light hole did not exist. I decided not to put the screen cover because personally I would prefer to be able to see this white light to tell me if my camera is on. I will contact the company again hoping they might add the missing hole for future buyers.

tl;dr: Do I recommend this product? Yes, definitely BUT do not get the screen cover because it is missing a hole for the privacy light.

Toast Reply: Thanks for your feedback and help improving our products. We did initially think we sent the wrong front cover, that is why we sent the replacement. But with further research we found that our design was missing that cutout. We corrected this and sent you a new updated screen cover. All Surface Book screen covers now include this cutout. Thanks -Team Toast

Very nice!

Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2016

Very nice cover, I had trouble with the install but that is my fault, It is nice to feel under you palms