Narwhal Wood Stickers (set of 2)


One Friday afternoon, when they should have been doing serious work, Mama Toast and Graphic Genius Robbie were found giggling behind a computer and it was discovered that they had designed these stickers instead...because sometimes you just need a little extra funny in your life.  If you do, too, then this narwhal's for you!

Our real wood stickers are laser-engraved and finished by hand for durability and beauty. 

Sold in sets of two stickers so you can keep one and give one to someone who either digs Toast or simply enjoys eating toasted bread a lot. 

Each sticker is 2.25 in diameter.  

May contain a mix of wood types: ash, bamboo, walnut, lyptus or maple. 

Includes free shipping with 1st class mail.

Our stickers are backed with high-quality 3M adhesives that pack a lot of staying power.  (Note: adhesion and ease of removal will depend on the surface you stick these to - there's no way for us to predict how they will react to your chosen surface.)

All Toast products are made to order and crafted by hand in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Go forth and be your narly self!