Nexus 5X wood cover


Give your 'droid some dashing new duds with Toast's sleek, laser-cut, real wood covers for the LG Nexus 5X.  

You get ALL this awesomeness:

  • One-piece back and sides cover
  • Full set of matching button covers 

So simple to apply, even a Class 2 maintenance 'bot could do it: peel, stick, and go! 

Available in walnut, ebony and ash. 

Bonus points!

  • The hand-finished wood adds grip, protection and terrific terrestrial style.   
  • Matching front cover available
  • The unique space-port contour around the raised camera area gives it an interstellar look while protecting the lens. 

 All Toast cases feature: 

  • Long-lasting, high-quality adhesives
  • Naturally durable, gorgeous materials
  • Responsibly-sourced wood veneers
  • Sleek bump-and-scratch protection  
  • Easy removal without any sticky residue
  • Superb protection against grit that can cause damage when trapped inside snap-on phone cases
  • heck of a lot of style!

 Each real wood Toast cover is designed and crafted by hand to order in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Did you know?   
As a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to environmental non-profits.  
We also plant a tree seedling through Trees For the Future for each product we make -  
because we've only got one beautiful planet and we've got to do our part to take care of it.


Please note: Additional charges for our amazing custom marquetry options (inlaid wood, metallic or colored film pieces) are assessed on a per-piece basis based on size.  Toast logo removal is also available for an extra fee.  Our designers will provide you with an estimate of any additional fees with your computer rendering. 

Have any questions?  Give us a shout and we'll help you out!

Go forth and be epic!

Nexus 5X wood cover Reviews

Based on 17 reviews


Posted by Jesse on 22nd Aug 2018

It's dope.

Local shop, quick response time, great product

Posted by Ashley P. on 23rd Apr 2017

I purchased the walnut case for my Nexus 5X. I am a local so when I asked if I could stop in to pick up the case instead of having them pack it to ship it Sal - the owner - said, "Sure! Come on by and we'll put it on for you!". He stayed true to his word and I was invited in to get a tour of the shop and a front row seat to the wrapping process. The next days I had several questions about the case's durability - can it get wet? Should I be careful of leaving it in direct sunlight? etc. etc. - and Sal or his team responded promptly. Feels good to support such a local, passionate company.

This was a good purchase

Posted by Francis (Chip) McCann on 8th Feb 2017

So I was back and forth for some time about getting cover. I initially looked at the Toast cover for my Surface Pro 3 and then thought it might be to extravagant a purchase. After a year I thought about it for my Nexus 5X and finally decded to buy one. As someone who does a lot of woodworking, I am very happy overall with the cover. It was easy to install and fit well. I wish it was about 1/2mm - 1mm longer as the center of the bottom corners lift ever so slightly. In the end this is not an issue, it is mostly just me. So in the, I would fully recommend this to others and already have.

Excellent Aesthetic

Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2016

This cover couldn't be sexier. The "space port" around the camera is a unique touch, and the side panels fit perfectly. The most impressive part is how Toast is able to use real wood on such a thin appliqué. Application is a breeze. Obviously not the most protective, especially from drops, but great for keeping scratches on the back of the phone at bay.

Real Wood

Posted by Carl Bacchus on 14th May 2016

I have this case for more than a month now and it's awesome, people were talking real wood here. This case adds a premium feel to my Nexus 5x and it doesn't add much bulk at all. I made a little mistake aligning the back around the finger print id and it still fits perfectly


Posted by pierce tibbals on 13th Apr 2016

i wanted a classy look for my Nexus, as this year's model looks kinda cheap all by itself. And the toast cover was just what i was looking for. It was easy to put on, and I'm not even a "crafty" type. (and its has STAYED on for a couple weeks now)
It looks and feels phenomenal. Well done guys, I'll buy a cover from you for every phone i get from here on out. THANKS!


Posted by Yoyo on 10th Apr 2016

Love the product. I really took my time applying it to the phone and after getting it perfectly attached, could not be happier.
I had heard in other comments that the power and volume buttons were not ideal, so i cut a small whole in between these buttons before applying the wood, and i honestly think its the way to go.
Only complaint...doesn't have too much of that "woody" smell i was hopping for

Great idea - poor hand feel

Posted by Aurimas on 16th Mar 2016

I thought it would a really need idea to have a wood back for my 5X and so I ordered this skin. It arrived and it looked cool, however after putting it on I realized how uncomfortable my phone became to hold. The corners of the phone have these cuts that allow it to wrap around the edge, however it also make it stab your arm if you hold it in a certain way (which I do all the time)

Hi Aurimas,

Thank you for your review, and so sorry to hear of your disappointment! Every one of our covers is sanded, the edges are beveled, and they receive 3 coats of a hand rubbed finish throughout the crafting process. The laser scoring around the curves should feel very pleasant in-hand, whilst aiding in gripping the device. I'm perplexed as to what could be causing it to stab your arm, but we will gladly craft you a replacement!

Please shoot an email to, and if possible, include a picture of the sharp area(s) so we can get a better idea of what's going on. Quality Control is very important to us. We even have a QC stamp on every packing slip in which every team member initials at their part of the order process.

Thanks again, and looking forward to getting you taken care of! :)

~Team Toast

It's just so sexy

Posted by Nyrwind on 7th Mar 2016

I've showed a few friends the finished product, they all love it.
Only a little minor bump was the buttons, they didn't exactly cut all the way around the adhesive tape so I had to manually cut them out. No biggie really. Everything works and it was super easy to apply. Clear instructions and a neat little package. Not to mention it arrived quite quickly. (US - Aus)
Fantastic stuff. I'll be recommending to all.


Posted by Chris on 22nd Feb 2016

Great cover! Fits perfectly and is solid!

Looks good breaks easily

Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2016

I really like the look and smell of the cover! Was pretty easy to tape the cover on except for the buttons. They can break easily, I cut out a new power button for the spare material. Also the front cover chipped on the side after a couple weeks.

Hi there,

Thank you for your review, and so sorry for the trouble! Since wood is a natural material, there can be variances which warrant different laser settings. It's a rare occurrence, but that particular set of button covers must not have been cut all the way through; something that's typically caught by our amazing Quality Control team.

Toast is covered by a 30 day manufacturer warranty, and we always offer complimentary button replacements. Please shoot us an email at and we'll get you taken care of! :)

~Team Toast

One teensy issue

Posted by Rick on 14th Feb 2016

I blame this more on the 5x design than toast's quality, but the bottom back curves on the 5x don't stick very well and have become chipped after just a week of daily carrying. I didn't have this problem with my nexus 5 at all- that fit was perfect. Even clamping the edges down after the inital stick didn't make things perfect, I blame the fact that the middle of the radius isn't connected. Still love toast and still love the cover, but this one isn't perfect like my last.

Beautiful case

Posted by Ciaran Downey on 9th Jan 2016

I really like this case. It feels solid and comfortable to hold, and I expect it to last for at least as long as I'm using this phone.

Stay Toasty!

Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2016

Toast is awesome! Easy install on the whole thing except the Volume Rocker... Unfortunately the button covers weren't scored all the way around the piece so I had to finish cutting them myself. They came out ALMOST perfect but they didn't quite fit with the side panel, which unfortunately caused the volume down to lose the "click" when it's pressed. Luckily, I was able to keep cutting it and wearing it in; so over a span of a few weeks, it "clicks" a little more and you can't even tell it's manually cut...Should be fine over time.
All in all Toast is amazing. Looks and feels great. Definitely adds some grip and style to my 5X!

Please....smell my wood

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2016

I love the toast cover, my 5X creeked and having the toast cover on it stopped that. My side pieces are a millimeter or two off, specifically around the headphone jack and now peeling up for some reason though. Other than that, I would recommend this purchase. It's blown away everyone that has seen it.


Posted by masdavi on 2nd Jan 2016

I took my time with my toast cause I wanted to do it correctly , so lined everything up a few times and slightly bent the backsides and molded it around the phone with my hand. I actually put the buttons on first and sim cover then the sides to make sure that they stuck out far enough for proper use which they did , then I put the back on. I decided not to put the front on as of yet because of the line of work I am in I decided to add tempered glass protection with curved edges that fits perfectly to the screen and just cures over to the start of the toasted case. The only problem I had was my own in that right after i put the back on it slipped out of my hand and hit the floor at an angle that the top side pulled off just a bit.
I get a lot of questions when people see my toasted nexus 5x and 10 out of 10 people think it's the coolest thing they have ever seen and ask where to get one I agree it's beautiful and love that it's made right here in Portland.

Loved it, but the buttons...

Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2015

My case showed up and it was amazing. The look and feel of the entire thing felt superb, sleek, and smooth. My only problems with it are one of the sidepanels didn't reach the corner (by a millimeter) and getting the buttons and SIM slot out of their etching. I ended up snapping them! So now I roll with all wood on the back and sides and black buttons.

Hi there,

Thank you for your review, and our apologies for the trouble! Toast is designed to fit like a glove, and every model should fit as it appears on the product page, as these covers were laser-cut using the same cut file. We also have a "butterfingers" courtesy replacement policy; just email a picture of the problem area to us at and we'll send a replacement!

We take quality control very seriously, as you may have noticed the QC stamp which is initialed by members of our team at every step of the order fulfillment process. Underscored button covers are a rare occurrence, and we should have caught this prior to packaging. We will gladly send a replacement set as well.

Our apologies once again for the trouble, and we look forward to getting your 5X fully Toasted! :)

~Team Toast