Note 4 wood cover


Upgrade your old-school Post-it notes to a fully up-to-date Toasted Note with our gorgeous wood veneer cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4!

The impressively-designed contours of this real wood cover highlight the Samsung Galaxy Note 4's signature curves.   All Toast covers are precision laser-cut and finished by hand to bring out the unique grain patterns in each piece of wood veneer.

You get ALL this awesomeness:

  • Back cover
  • Matching full side wraps
  • Matching camera lens ring cover
  • Matching set of button covers

Available in walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash.  

A cinch to apply: just peel, stick, go! 

Bonus points!

Matching front screen frame available

Our fancy design arcs impeccably around the stylus port, headphone jack and every last detail for unrestricted use

All Toast cases feature: 

  • Long-lasting, high-quality adhesives
  • Naturally durable, gorgeous materials
  • Responsibly-sourced wood veneers
  • Sleek bump-and-scratch protection  
  • Easy removal without any sticky residue
  • Superb protection against grit that can cause damage when trapped inside snap-on phone cases
  • heck of a lot of style!

Each real wood Toast cover is designed and crafted by hand to order in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Did you know?   
As a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to environmental non-profits.  
We also plant a tree seedling through Trees For the Future for each product we make -   
because we've only got one beautiful planet and we've got to do our part to take care of it.


Please note: Additional charges for our amazing custom marquetry options (inlaid wood, metallic or colored film pieces) are assessed on a per-piece basis based on size.  Toast logo removal is also available for an extra fee.  Our designers will provide you with an estimate of any additional fees with your computer rendering. 

Have any questions?  Give us a shout and we'll help you out!

Go forth and be epic!


Note 4 wood cover Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Throwback Thursday

Posted by VINCE LOO on 25th Aug 2017

I ordered one during throwback Thursday and expecting a full set of covers.
Package came only will back cover, button cover, camera cover and frame covers with missing micro-USB cover piece. No front cover in the deal.

------Toast Response-------
Yep. There isn't a micro-USB cover for this, or for any charging ports. Front covers are always an add-on to the back cover + wraps + buttons kit - this is the standard kit that comes with all Toast covers. Apologies that this wasn't made more clear. You can always add a cover with your order - or visit Phone Fronts page to order one individually - for only S10!

The #TBT sale in particular (FREE +$7.99 shipping) is a promotion that we've been doing to get rid of some backstock of older models. In exchange for getting to choose the device model you want at a HUGE discount, we then get to choose the wood type and etching (if any) from our surplus. So it's a you-get-what-you-get kind of deal.

Great, small imperfections

Posted by Arne on 4th Nov 2016

It makes my note 4 look so much prettier! It's really a huge improvement, which is definitely not the case for most err... cases. Just the area around the camera doesn't fit as snugly and symetrically as possible and the part above the fingerprintscanner broke immediately while trying to adjust the placement, It's still on there and barely visible, but it's just a tad off.
Besides this I was really annoyed to discover the hefty fee for customs, that adds about 25% to a price that is already not cheap. Not really Toast's fault, but I didn't see any warning, which would have been nice.


Posted by Simple guy on 5th May 2016

I am a case freak and I always have a different case on my phone which made this purchase hard because it is a one use skin and a case can't be added on top of the cover. I've had this beautiful piece of wood on my phone for around a month now and I love it. I was skeptical I'd take it off and change the look by switching through my cases but man as this case beautiful. Compliments all the time and got a guy from my university to purchase one for his iPhone, you're welcome toastmade lol. Great product and durable.

Not your usual cover...

Posted by Tyler on 24th Mar 2016

It's laser crafted, hand finished, sexmagic. I get compliments on mine every day. Plus I love the poop emoji cutout!

Where have you been all my life?

Posted by Brian Dorchak on 27th Jan 2016

I'll keep it short and sweet; I can run out of superlatives trying to express how happy I am with my Toast skin. It fits factory-perfect, and the side bumper covers and buttons give it so much character. I've had so many any people ask me about it, and I'm telling them how much I like it, and where to go to get one of their own. Keep up the good work chaps, I'll have one of these on every device I own.

Awesome But...

Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2016

It's really cool and I get complements all the time but it's starting to come off of the corners because of pulling it outta yoyr pockets and I've only had it for about 2 weeks. I'm just disappointed. I hope I don't have to buy a new one.

Hi there,

Thanks for your review, and sorry to hear about the side wraps!

Toast is backed by high grade adhesives from 3M; as long as the device is cleaned (especially the sides) using the included alcohol wipe so it's free of hand oils, dust, etc, the adhesive should create a solid bond and stay Toasted!

It's a rare occurrence, but there may have been a defect within the adhesive which would be apparent within hours of install. We have a 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects, so just shoot us an email referencing your order and we'll craft you a replacement set right away!

Although they're meant to take a beating, side wraps always take the hit in a fall. For this reason, we also offer "Additional Side Wraps" for $5 on the site. :)

~Team Toast

Love it but needs one more bit!

Posted by Unknown on 7th Jan 2016

Love the product, but needs a bit to cover the physical home button too. Would be 5 stars with this!

Works and fits well :)

Posted by DK on 26th Dec 2015

Been using this for a few weeks and I think it was well worth the cost. Besides turning a few heads, it gives you the comfort of some protection on your device too!

Quality, but challenging

Posted by John on 3rd Dec 2015

The toast coverings for the Note 4 are durable, cleanly made pieces. My only real issues with attaching them was being off a little on one side or the other and needing to try and somehow peel the pieces back carefully without breaking them or ruining the adhesive. I was able to achieve this with a pocket knife blade. Once the adhesive sets, the product is firmly fixed and performs and feels wonderful.

Hi John,

Thank you for your review, and our apologies for the trouble! We recommend using the button / port cutouts to aid in alignment. If you have any issues, we also have a "butterfingers" replacement policy; just email a picture of the trouble area to and we'll send replacements for whatever is needed! :)

~Team Toast


Posted by Sandy on 22nd Jun 2015

The fit is perfect. The design is magnificent. The wood grain is beautiful.

Outstanding product would recommend it to anyone

Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2015

Fit perfectly


Posted by Unknown on 4th May 2015

Got the Toast Ebony back and sides for the Note 4. The application went flawlessly and all cut-outs and buttons were a perfect fit and in proper alignment. The best part about it is the very cool look of the phone without adding any additional size to this already but phone. This is my second phone with Toast cover and I'm a real fan of this product.

Note 4 w/ OEM Qi charging back cover

Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2015

I already know how the quality and fitment will be since my LG G2 was Toasted last year. Knew ahead of time that the Qi charging back cover of the Note 4 is slightly thicker than the original one thus there will be a gap. What I didn't know was that there were design differences around the camera and heart rate sensor. Rather than return it, I enlarged the opening around the camera and made it rectangular. Overall it doesn't look bad even with the slight 2mm gap around the edges of the back cover and having to cut around the camera. Still gave it 5 stars bc it would have been a perfect fit had I not used the Qi charger.

Best Case for the Note 4

Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2015

Great case and a perfect fit for the note 4. Hardly adds any bulk, but make the phone feel unique and classy. Will be returning here for the next phone case.

smooth and luxurious

Posted by Karthik on 27th Mar 2015

Definitely of the best case ever used. have to find words to appreciate the product.

Awwwww yissss

Posted by demosra on 19th Feb 2015

Real wood, man. Feels great in the hand and makes slippery feeling phones feel a bit more grippy. The woods thin so you don't have to worry about suddenly making your phone a military grade vehicle like with other cases. Everything for great and if you have any problems, customer service is so friendly and helpful, you have nothing to lose. Buy this unless you don't feel like being awesome.

Better than a bear high fiving a shark. In space.

Posted by Kevin on 18th Feb 2015

Damn does my phone look sexy. My boyfriend is already jealous of all the attention it's getting. But screw that guy.
I was so happy to finally find a wood phone cover that wasn't some big, clunky case. The product design and execution of this thing is magnificent - the wood itself is incredibly slim, and the etched notches means this thing hugs the corners and curves with style.
The one and only negative I have to say (and it isnt really about the product itself) is that I was unsure if I could just whop this on over the top of the screen protector I had (since the protectors edges would have sat under the front panel). I opted to remove it in case it interfered with the adhesive, but this stuff is strong as hell, should have left the protector on. Am now going to trim one down to sit within the front panels edges.
Seriously. Buy this product. Do it. Your sexy new phone will thank you. Although your significant other might not.

Nothing but great!

Posted by Tyler Frank on 13th Feb 2015

This skin is great! Although it is not a case, but it is awesome! You can tell its real wood by the smell. Plus, I got the Deco design and it came out great! If I ever get a new device, I will come to toast again and again!

Best Custom Product on the market

Posted by Morgan Smith on 28th Nov 2014

I will tell you this. They are as cool as they look online. I would switch phones all the time but I love my toast case too much to switch phones anymore. The initial worries were it is wood and would I prick my fingers or would it slide from my hand. No to both those questions. This is a world class custom case. The look and feel are second to none. I will only use this case with any phone I ever carry again. I can promise you another thing that goes a long way in my book. Toast has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I'm sure everyone there is great, but Dana is wonderful to deal with.
Thank You Toast for making such high quality cool products. I am betting we will be seeing you on all major big box shelfs soon.