Pixeled to the max!

Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL



Our world-famous geometric detailing allows our beautiful wood veneers to skim gracefully over every curve, corner and contour of the Pixel phone for complete and classy coverage.  Ultra-slim and sleek, Toast covers deliver grip and gorgeousness without adding bulk.  As with every Toast cover you know and love, our Google Pixel phone covers are perfectly cut by lasers and meticulously sanded and finished by hand by a posse of Portlanders with legendary OCD tendencies, all to ensure that you get the most badass phone cover on the planet.  

The Pixel kit includes a one-piece back-and-sides wrap cover and a matching set of button covers.  Add a matching wood front cover to protect the screen and complete the look.  You can get your favorite one-liner or one of our in-house designs laser engraved on the back, or go fully cray-cray and get a one-of-a-kind customized job with your own logo or artwork...because life is short and awesomeness hard to come by.  We’re here to deliver.

Check out the new option for the glass shade inlay!  Retain that cool dual-tone look of the Pixel, now rendered in protective wood.  Choose your main body color and mix-and-match a different color for the shade inlay.  We'll match your buttons covers to your shade inlay for the most sophisticated smartphone in sight. 

Simpler to apply than downing five Flaming Volcanoes at the karaoke bar all in a row (don’t ask us how we know this): just peel it, line it up with a little care, and stick it on (full instructions included to make sure you get it on without a glitch).  Bonus: our top-quality adhesives protect your smartphone from grit and gunk that can cause damage when trapped inside a typical snap-on phone case.  Bonus Bonus: your Toast cover retains the full functioning of Pixel's Active Edge feature so wherever you take your Toast, you'll be ready for action.  

Carpe Diem and Carpe Toast! 

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