Our real wood PlayStation gaming system covers break the mold in innovation and sustainability. 

Unexpected.  Ultra-sleek.  AND dead sexy!  Toast real wood gaming covers make your machine into a spectacular showpiece.  


Backed with premium adhesives, our covers hold tight to your console with reliable durability for years of sweet style.  Best of all, they won't leave any gnarly sticky residue upon removal.

We cover the Sony PlayStation 5 console, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4 Slim and the PS5 Slim!


We design our covers with next-level geometric detailing for an utterly perfect fit on every model.  We laser-cut them with ridiculous precision and finish each one by hand to highlight the individual character and grain pattern of each stunning piece of wood. 

Take advantage of our precision laser-engraving and inlay options to showcase your gaming avatar, logo, favorite quote, or artwork to make your Toast PlayStation cover a real player!  

Every Toast product plants a tree, contributes to eco-nonprofits, and is made with 100% renewable energy.  Every one is designed and made in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Playstation 5 slim in the horizontal position with walnut trim
Slim, svelte, and oh-so-curvaceous: the PS5 Slim gets a Toasty new look!   HOW do you wrap a crazily complex shape in all three dimensions with a very 2D piece of wood, you ask?  It's complicated: We get jiggy with a bunch of lasers and...
Toast wood cover for Sony Playstation 5 in lyptus.
Want to snag a component piece of our crazy-cool PS5 wood covers?  You found the page!   This is our a la carte page where you can order PS5 parts piece by piece: just the center strip, or bottom cover, or stand wrap, or those insanely...
Toast wood cover for Sony Playstation 5 in lyptus.
Get it on! Toast's crazy-cool, real wood PS5 covers take your Sony PlayStation 5 from plastic to FANTASTIC!   We laser cut each one of our amazing PS5 gaming system cases from one single, stunning length of real wood veneer and...
Space Invaders custom inlay design in ash and ebony
Wrap your gaming system in a ridiculously awesome, customized Toast cover crafted from gorgeous real wood, cut from one piece of veneer for perfectly matched grain patterns to create a seamless look.   Covers the front, top, and sides (and some...
PlayStation 4 (SPS4) Walnut
Get your game-style on!  Toast's real wood PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim covers take your Sony PlayStation from toyland to totally legit.   We laser cut each one of our amazing PS4 cases from a single beautiful piece of...