Our best-selling, real wood and leather Razer laptop covers were the very first on the market and still lead the pack in innovation and sustainability. 

Ultra-slim and sexy, Toast covers deliver grip and gorgeousness without adding bulk.  Backed with premium adhesives, our covers hold tight to your Razer Blade laptop with reliable durability and won't leave any sticky residue upon removal. 

We laser-cut these beauties with exacting precision and finish each one by hand to highlight the individual character of each sumptuous piece of wood and leather. 

Take advantage of our precision laser-engraving and inlay options to showcase your logo, favorite quote, or artwork and make your Toast case a knock-out one-of-a-kind! 

Every Toast product plants a tree, contributes to eco-nonprofits, and is made with 100% renewable energy.  Every one is designed and made in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Welcome to our gorgeous, genuine leather covers for PC laptops!  (Why let Apple products have all the fun?!) Sleek, strokable, and supremely sexy, our real leather covers deliver protection and serious style.   We laser-cut our...
Our slim, real wood covers cover for the Razer Blade / Razer Blade Stealth laptops are much sleeker than a case but far more resilient than a skin. Toast covers are perfectly engineered to the Razer's exact dimensions, cut by...
Toast wood screen and trackpads surrounds for HP Envy 15" in maple.
Once you start Toasting your gadgets, you'll want to wrap everything you own in gorgeous, real wood veneer.   Our screen surrounds kit out your laptop screen with a good-lookin' protective frame.   Our keyboard surrounds furnish your fingers...
Custom map engraving on MacBook Pro 16 wooden Toast cover.
  Wrap your laptop in a ridiculously amazing, customized Toast cover crafted from gorgeous real wood!   Toast covers are a cinch to apply: just peel, stick, adore! Available in our four sumptuous, sustainable wood choices: walnut,...
Laptop Bottom Cover Walnut
May we present a gorgeous real wood bottom cover for your laptop - because we are aware that you are not a person who does things by halves! The flip side of your machine deserves to be protected and beautified by a Toast cover just as much as the top...