Add a Keyboard surround and a Screen surround to your Toasted laptop to give it the full treatment.  Wooden paneling for your iPad's Smart Cover/Smart Keyboard, or a your Surface's Type cover will give them a warm and Toasty style.  

*Note: Keyboard Surrounds & Screen Surrounds are only available for certain laptop models.

Bamboo Surface Book with Screen & Keyboard Surround
Once you start Toasting your gadgets, you'll want to wrap everything you own in gorgeous, real wood veneer.   Our screen surrounds kit out your laptop screen with a good-lookin' protective frame.   Our keyboard surrounds furnish your fingers...
Surface Type Cover Panels Walnut
Put the finishing touch on your Microsoft Surface keyboard cover with Toast's perfectly-sized, decorative, real wood panels.   Precision-cut with lasers and finished by hand for an exact fit and a luscious feel,...
Smart Cover / Keyboard Walnut
Smarten up your Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case for iPad with these perfectly-sized real wood panels, made expressly for those discerning customers in search of the U.T.E. (Ultimate Toast Experience).  Precision-cut with lasers and...