iPad Smart Cover / Keyboard Panels (wood)


Smarten up your Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case for iPad with these perfectly-sized real wood panels, made expressly for those discerning customers in search of the U.T.E. (Ultimate Toast Experience).  Precision-cut with lasers and finished by hand for an exact fit and a luscious feel.  You don't have to be a Mensa member to apply them, either: just peel 'em, stick 'em on, and off you go!  

Available in four sumptuous, sustainable wood choices: walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash.  

Extra credit question: Are Apple Smart Covers compatible with all of our fabulous Toast covers?  You bet your graphing calculator they are.  

* NOTE: These are wooden panels that are applied to the Smart Cover/Keyboard; the Smart Cover/Keyboard itself is NOT included.) 

**Important Distinctions:

  • The Apple Smart Cover is a front panel that magnetically attaches to the side of your iPad and pairs with a Toast iPad cover.
  • The Apple Smart Keyboard is like the Smart Cover but has a built in keyboard for typing.  Sweet!
  • The Apple Smart Case covers the entire iPad front and back, and does not accomodate a Toast iPad back cover.

iPad Smart Cover / Keyboard Panels (wood) Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great Product

Posted by Joe on 14th Sep 2018

Outstanding and classiy product . With a price anyone can afford.

Add’s the Finishing Touch to My iPad Pro

Posted by Jeffrey Greer on 28th Jan 2018

The Toast keyboard panels make my Smart Cover look smart! They add that extra touch of class that other notice when I am taking notes or working remotely.


Posted by Walter on 1st Dec 2017

An incredibly classy product. Sure does look good on my IPAD. Great comments from casual observers. Highly recommended.

Love my "woody wagon" cover

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2016

I put walnut panels on my "stone" smart cover and it looks fantastic. The instructions were easy to follow, with great results,wish I could say the same for the back :-(

Excellent accessory

Posted by Jon Fitzgerald on 16th Oct 2016

The iPad mini smart case cover is a great accessory. Expertly produced and cut, it easily fits onto the smart case perfectly. Application was straightforward and didn't pose any problems at all, and when the cover is on it looks really classy. Also fantastic service from the guys at Toast, following some ridiculous treatment for FedEx. The Toast team were extremely helpful and sent out replacements immediately via USPS.
I thoroughly recommend toast covers and will definitely be using them again!

Excellent product

Posted by Asdrúbal on 1st Oct 2016

The iPad wooden panels have an excellent quality and adhered seamlessly to the smart cover, the final outcome and looks are awesome: elegant and distinctive!

The Perfect Addition

Posted by Grant on 8th Jul 2016

This was much simpler to install than my iPad companion. But let me tell you, there is no other skin/case combination out there that is this premium. Everybody thinks I just have a cool case on my ipad until I pull off the cover and they realize the magnificence. If you're getting a Toast skin for you iPad and you don't already have the smart cover I recommend buying one and skinning it with Toast to make your iPad complete.

Affordable Opulence

Posted by Prochauffeur on 15th Mar 2016

Toast! Wow, ordered the iPad Mini 4 back, applied it and then had to have the panels. These are PANELS, 3 separate pieces that when applied correctly to the Apple Smart Cover adds an Opulent appearance to the entire iPad. That's why they are sold in the Bel Air Hotel. It makes a statement when using in the office, Coffee House or wherever one may go. Don't skimp and just buy the body piece, get em all. MacBook Pro w/retina, iPhone 6+ and iPad Mini all have either been ordered or already applied to the gadget. Just waiting on the iPad Pro Skin to be announced.


Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2016

Thought this was a smart cover nit just 3 wood panels that require you to also buy an apple smart cover.

Hi there,

Our apologies for the confusion. We tried to make this as clear as possible by using "panels" in the title and having a very detailed product description which states "Apple Smart Cover/Case not included." If unused, you're welcome to return them for a full refund. :)

~Team Toast