MacBook Wood Covers



Our gorgeous real wood covers for the Apple MacBook laptops are our #1 top sellers!  Ultra-slim and sexy, Toast covers deliver grip and gorgeousness without adding bulk.  We laser-cut them with exacting precision and finish each one by hand to highlight the individual grain patterns in each sumptuous piece of wood.  Each and every Toast case is a stand-out one-of-a-kind. 

There's no mistaking the beauty, depth, and texture of real wood: Toast cases look, smell, and feel great!  We guarantee that you'll love it every single time you use it.

You get ALL this awesomeness:

  • One-piece real wood top cover
  • Apple MacBook Pro wood covers also come with SIDE WRAPS!  We're the only company with the mad skills to create these.  They look fantastic and if you ever drop it, your MacBook will thank you!
  • The side wraps vary between models.  As we launch new models those new designs may have unique features or details as we get crazier with our origami-master skills.  Some models have gaps to accommodate ports, or can't have wraps on the lid section because it is too thin.  

Toast covers are a cinch to apply: peel, stick, adore! (Full instructions included.)  

Available in robust walnut, snowy maple, smoky-dark eco-ebony, vibrantly-striped eco-zebrawood, bold eco-rosewood, and red-toned lyptus.  

Which Model should I choose?

Check the bottom of your Macbook to locate the model number - an "A" follow by 4 digits (ex: A1708). This will correspond to one of the options in the "Model" dropdown menu above (Model # in parentheses). 

Each differs slightly - from the precise dimensions to the ports and hinge clearance - and our covers are engineered for an exact fit of every aspect, so be sure to choose the correct model to ensure a proper fit.  You may also find this exhaustive list helpful... the Macbooks start about 1/2 way down the page.

 Bonus points:

  • Matching wood bottom covers available (complete with cutouts for the rubber feet and screw access holes to allow for maintenance) * Note: the bottom cover is not compatible with the 2008 Apple MacBook Air.
  • Toast exclusive: we laser-cut a pattern of small dots on the reverse side of our covers that helps with installation and removal.  
  • Fully customizable! 

Note: CHECK YOUR MODEL NUMBERS!  Newer Touch and Non-Touch bar models are different from the older retina laptop models.  Please be sure to accurately select the appropriate model but number as each is different. 

All Toast cases feature: 

  • Long-lasting, high-quality adhesives
  • Naturally durable, gorgeous materials
  • Responsibly-sourced wood veneers
  • Sleek bump-and-scratch protection  
  • Easy removal without any sticky residue
  • heck of a lot of style!

 Each real wood Toast cover is designed and crafted by hand to order in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

We live our values!   
As a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to eco charities.   
We also plant a tree through Trees For the Future for each product we make -  
because we've only got one beautiful planet and we've got to do our part to make it last.
Please note: Custom etchings that exceed 4 inches in height (regardless of width) will incur an extra fee depending on size and complexity.  Additional charges for our amazing custom marquetry options (inlaid wood, metallic, or colored film pieces) are assessed on a per-piece basis based on size.  Toast logo removal is also available for an extra fee.  Our designers will provide you with an estimate of any additional fees with your computer rendering. 
Have any questions?  Give us a shout and we'll help you out! 

Carpe Diem and Carpe Toast! 

30 day replacement warranty against defects in material or craftsmanship. We also offer our "Butterfingers Replacement Policy" so if you mess up the installation, we will send you a free replacement (you only pay shipping cost). 50% off on replacement covers in case your device needs to be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer (limited to the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty).

MacBook Wood Covers Reviews

Based on 128 reviews

Macbook 16" Wood Cover

Posted by Marc on 25th May 2020

I've pre-ordered the MacBook 16" wooden cover, I actually messed up the top installation and emailed customer service to which they responded very quickly. They were able to ship me a replacement due to the butterfinger policy! I highly recommend toast over the competition for two main reasons: quality + customer service.

MacBook Pro Cover

Posted by Bora on 13th May 2020


Great and stylish cover

Posted by Waldrick Serto on 28th Apr 2020

This is the second time I bought my wrap here, last one was about 4 years ago. During those years it kept my computer completely free of butts and scratches and even when removing the bottom part, there were no visual marks left after a good cleaning. When eventually you scratch the cover, it actually gives a more authentic wood look, which can not be daid for scratching the alluminium ;p

I would recommend anyone to buy this product, especially if you hate scratches on your mac

MacBook Pro case.

Posted by David aldaz on 23rd Mar 2020

I loved this case when it first came in on 02/26/2020. This was my third toastmade purchase! Sadly, not to please with the purchase. Hasn’t even been a month and the front of my case has started to chip away. I am very careful with my computer and always handle with care. All my other toast made products have been great, except this purchase. I reached out to the company and they said they couldn’t do anything about the top cover but would send out replacement wraps. Unfortunately I still haven’t reviewed those.

Love the richness of this cover

Posted by Christina on 23rd Oct 2019

Love this solid real wood cover. It is not a photograph of wood. I thought installation would be tricky but it was a breeze. I travel for work and it’s holding up well so far. I like the cover being solid so you can’t see the logo through it. Nicely done Toast!

Laptop cover

Posted by Joseph Dudek on 8th Oct 2019

Better than expected. I messed up the firight away rst one and they sent me a new one

Durable, sleek cover!

Posted by Benjamin D on 3rd Aug 2019

I purchased my Walnut MacBook cover 3 years ago (almost to the day) and it still looks brand new! I have received hundreds of compliments on it, and have been asked many times 'where in the world' I got something like it! The application process was pretty easy (for a perfectionist like me), and the adhesive is the best on the market. Thanks for the great product!

Macbook Pro wood cover

Posted by Adamo Terranova on 17th Jul 2019

Hi there, just wanted to say I absolutely love my new cover for my MacBook Pro. I have been a long time supporter of Toast and think your company is doing amazing things! I have purchased several phone cases over the years, every time I have needed a new one, the first was a gift many years ago.
However, one piece of the wrap part of my cover ripped on the corners during the install, I still really love it but it does feel slightly incomplete. Is there any way I would get a replacement piece, without having to order a new complete skin? I gave you guys 5 stars anyways but I just wanted to share, I can send pictures if needed.
Keep making awesome stuff!

TOAST- Hello Adam,
Thanks for your order and your continued support! We'd be happy to help get you a replacement cover under our 30 day manufacturer warranty.

Very sleek and luxurious case

Posted by Sheena Ragnhild on 24th Apr 2019

I love how thin it is and how it looks on my MacBook. Will buy again in the future if need be!

Will buy again whenever I get a new laptop

Posted by Ezra on 6th Apr 2019

Looks, fits, and smells awesome! Installation was pretty easy too. Would love if there was an option to have a cutout for the apple on the back of the macbook, which is an option I didnt see. but not a dealbreaker at all and I still strongly recommend.

Macbook Air (Retina) Cover

Posted by Mark Profit on 14th Mar 2019

As most Apple owners can attest, we are particular with our products. Also, we also appreciate design - and companies/artists/people who agonize over every inch of a product are our kind of people. Toast gets that! The wooden cover fits my Mac seamlessly, and every piece of it demonstrated an attention to detail that is very hard to find. I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten, or how readily I recommend this company. Artisans still exist, and Toast is proof of that.

Mac Book Cover

Posted by Eddit on 13th Mar 2019

Great Product and customer service. I messed the first time I installed the top part of the case and was able to get a free replacement to install. Toast even included extra side pieces so if I ever need to reinstall the side pieces I have that option. Other than that the laptop looks amazing and can say it's worth the money to give these cases a shot.

Mac wood case

Posted by Lauren White on 11th Sep 2018

I’m so unbelievably happy and satisfied with not only the product I purchased, but also this company as a whole and everything it stands for. My Mac skin was perfect, and the customer service I received via email and over the phone was beyond satisfactory. I also did a bit of reading on how Toast presents itself and what the people here believe. Keep doing what you’re doing, Toast, and I’ll keep talking up your products.

Gorgeous, Quality Product

Posted by Armen on 10th Sep 2018

You've already spent over a grand on a MacBook, what's another $100? If you want the best looking case out there, look no further. Fit was perfect, and the wood not only looks great but also smells like wood.

One thing to take note of, though, is that if you get the bottom cover, the macbook's rubber feet will barely contact the surface under the laptop, so you might want to consider getting rubber feet to stick to the bottom cover, unless you don't mind your MacBook moving around.

Zack Solomon

Posted by Zack Solomon on 28th Aug 2018

The look and feel of this is amazing!!! This company also makes it super easy to put them on!

2017 MacBook Pro 13 Inch

Posted by Adam on 12th Jul 2018

Absolutely amazing product in both design and feel. Be very careful when applying bc it will not come off easily

The product matches the service!

Posted by Charlie B on 28th Jun 2018

Before buying this cover, I agonised over lots of tiny details, and then proceeded to continue like this even after ordering. The Toast team were incredibly patient with my constant questions and changing of minds, and I knew that even before receiving the cover I had ordered for my MacBook Pro 15 (touchbar) that this was a great company. Thankfully, I wasn’t let down. The finish on the surface feels fantastic, and every piece of packaging was incredibly considered and thorough. Instructions were simple to follow and installation was reasonably straightforward (although the adhesive is very sticky - patience is needed!), and the finished product is really beautiful. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Toast again; this is a company that really ‘gets it’ from beginning to end.

mac book pro case

Posted by Leno Arroyo on 27th Jun 2018

I have to start off by saying that this product excedded my experience. I am so happy with the case and to have my company name look so clear everyone that sees it can read it with no problems. instructions where very easy which I liked cause as we all know you only get one shot at it. thanks for a wonderful product. money well spent.

good stuff.

Posted by ruckle mcchuckle on 14th Jun 2018

I have had a bunch of toast products and they never disappoint.

Beautifully crafted case

Posted by James Neuburg on 11th Jun 2018

I absolutely love this case and will be buying similar cases for all of my other electronic products.

Why you should get Toasted

Posted by Frank Gale on 5th Jun 2018

Please see my review at

Custom-made multi-wood inlay

Posted by Sharrief on 18th Mar 2018

I could not be more impressed with the quality of this custom job. Ebony cover with bamboo and walnut inlays for the custom logo. It looks and feels beautiful. Some others in my company now want the same cover for their computers and ipads

AWESOME!/It’s the Little Things

Posted by Daniel Lutz on 27th Feb 2018

I just ordered a macbook case from these guys and I love it! I have an iPhone case too which is also great! And I have to give them a huge handclap of praise for their customer service because they go above and beyond. I asked them if they could throw a few free stickers in with my macbook case and they forgot to send them. However, I just got a handwritten and hand-addressed note letter from the saying sorry that they forgot that had a bunch of the stickers in it. These guys are awesome I totally recommend their products!

Macbook Cover

Posted by Garrett on 23rd Jan 2018

I purchased the top and bottom cover for the MacBook and I loved the way it looked. Installation was extremely difficult. The top piece was off center, and when I tried to lift it to fix its positioning the cover started to crack. A lot of money for it not to be perfect. Other than the installation process, the cover is nice.

Toast Response: Please contact customer support. We have a "Butterfingers Replacement" policy so if you have troubles with installation we will get you a replacement.

Incredible work

Posted by Ziad on 19th Dec 2017

The artwork I wanted wasn't an easy one to implement on a piece of wood, but the staff at Toast did an absolutely amazing job and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Gorgeous case

Posted by Anthony on 17th Oct 2017

What caught my eye was the oak finish and the price. Can't find a better value. I do wish the design for the sides was more intentional. Everything else was perfect.

Subtle Elegance

Posted by Edwin Nalagan on 18th Sep 2017

Have received many compliments on my Toast covers since placed them on my iPhone,iPad and MacBook Air.


Posted by Anthony on 2nd Aug 2017

ORDERING: Recently bought a MacBook Pro with a 15inch Retina display and touch bar. Loved the look of the Toast case and decided to order the top and bottom cover. After the quick shipment of my order, the cover was 1/4 inch too large. I ended up ordering the Retina display cover which is NOT the correct case. Because I have the touch bar in addition to the Retina display, I needed to order the Touch Bar case. I contacted Toastmade with the issue and they were very quick to help me clear everything up. They were understanding of the problem and as soon as I sent the original case back, they sent me the correct case I needed.

TOOLS NEEDED: I found tweezers and a pair of scissors were the only two tools that were helpful that were not provided. Alcohol wipes are the only tools provided for the installation which are extremely helpful. The tweezers were used to take off the backing of the covers covering the adhesive and the scissors to cut the larger pieces of the backing.

INSTALLATION: WATCH A VIDEO FIRST! The directions provided are very helpful but because I am a visual learner the videos on YouTube are extremely helpful as well. In subject to the actual installation, be VERY CAREFUL. The adhesive is very sticky (duh) so if you do start to place it in the wrong spot it can be difficult to adjust accordingly. Other than the "being careful" there is not much help I can provide or suggest. Put simply: be patient and allot enough time to put on your cover so you are not stressing to finish it.

APPEARANCE: The cover is BEAUTIFUL! I ordered the walnut and it looks professional and stylish! I ordered it because of its look, sleek design and protection against scratches. The sleek design is very smooth and adds almost zero bulk to the laptop. Its adds about 3/10ths of a centimeter to the thickness so if you're worried about that: don't.

RATING: The reason I only gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because the misunderstanding of cases to order. I have a MacBook Pro 15inch Retina display with touch bar. There are 3 different cases for the 15 inch MacBook Pro: Retina, Touch-Bar, Non-Retina. If you have the MacBook Pro with the touch bar, order that one. In the future it would be great to have more clarification on which cover to order. Other than that situation, so far a fantastic cover. I will write a review later if I experience any problems. Thank you ToastMade for the beautiful cover, can't wait to show it off!!


Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2017

I thought this would be a "real wood cover" that would snap onto your laptop like a basic hardshell cover. What the product actually is are thick stickers that you apply to your laptop. The side wraps don't stick well at all so I didn't even get to use them since they wouldn't stay, and it's extremely hard to align since messing up can screw the adhesive up. I wasted about $120.00 for STICKERS and I'm extremely disappointed, won't be buying again. However, on the bright side it DOES look nice and gives a nice appeal and looks like it does in the pictures it just isn't an actual cover like I thought it would be, which is my fault for not researching it further.

TOAST RESPONSE: Sorry that you feel we mis-represent our products. We make every effort to explain our covers and why they are unique and superior. They are represented accurately in the photos, descriptions and FAQ. If you have any issues with the product not sticking or failing, please contact our customer support, we stand behind our covers.
-Team Toast

Quick to Fix

Posted by Anthony on 29th Jul 2017

ORDERING: Recently bought a MacBook Pro with a 15inch Retina display and touch bar. Loved the look of the Toast case and decided to order the top and bottom cover. After the quick shipment of my order, the cover was 1/4 inch too large. I ended up ordering the Retina display cover which is NOT the correct case. Because I have the touch bar in addition to the Retina display, I needed to order the Touch Bar case. I contacted Toastmade with the issue and they were very quick to help me clear everything up. They were understanding of the problem and as soon as I sent the original case back, they sent me the correct case I needed.

TOOLS NEEDED: I found tweezers and a pair of scissors were the only two tools that were helpful that were not provided. Alcohol wipes are the only tools provided for the installation which are extremely helpful. The tweezers were used to take off the backing of the covers covering the adhesive and the scissors to cut the larger pieces of the backing.

INSTALLATION: WATCH A VIDEO FIRST! The directions provided are very helpful but because I am a visual learner the videos on YouTube are extremely helpful as well. In subject to the actual installation, be VERY CAREFUL. The adhesive is very sticky (duh) so if you do start to place it in the wrong spot it can be difficult to adjust accordingly. Other than the "being careful" there is not much help I can provide or suggest. Put simply: be patient and allot enough time to put on your cover so you are not stressing to finish it.

APPEARANCE: The cover is BEAUTIFUL! I ordered the walnut and it looks professional and stylish! I ordered it because of its look, sleek design and protection against scratches. The sleek design is very smooth and adds almost zero bulk to the laptop. Its adds about 3/10ths of a centimeter to the thickness so if you're worried about that: don't.

RATING: The reason I only gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because the misunderstanding of cases to order. I have a MacBook Pro 15inch Retina display with touch bar. There are 3 different cases for the 15 inch MacBook Pro: Retina, Touch-Bar, Non-Retina. If you have the MacBook Pro with the touch bar, order that one. In the future it would be great to have more clarification on which cover to order. Other than that situation, so far a fantastic cover. I will write a review later if I experience any problems. Thank you ToastMade for the beautiful cover, can't wait to show it off!!

Almost there

Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2017

Really enjoyed the case, enough so that I immediately re-ordered it when the screen on my MacBook had to be replaced. However, upon re-ordering it, perhaps my requests got lost in the shuffle, and my name was miss-capitalized on the new case. Not a huge issue, but I my first case was perfect and I miss it.

Toast Response: Sorry to hear that your second order text didn't match your first order. Feel free to contact us and we will look into this.

Excellent product and excellent customer service!

Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2017

I was always replied to within a day of sending any emails (and I sent several) and the reply was very respectful and helpful. Once I got my case, it was packaged very nicely and came with great instructions on how to install. The case fits perfectly and looks even better in person! Ebony is totally the way to go with a space gray MacBook!

Laptop cover fits perfectly

Posted by E on 12th May 2017

Great fit and lots of compliments from friends!

Toast protective cover is sleek

Posted by Cal on 11th May 2017

Overall, this is what I was looking for. I would have preferred the case to snap onto my computer versus the semi-permanent 3m application. It requires the fitting to be more precise. My computer looks great and after upgrading it with a new SSD and maxing out my RAM, I figured since I invested more money, I wanted to protect it and give it a sleek new look. There's a strong possibility that I'll be using TOAST again.


Posted by Kevin on 7th May 2017

I love my new toast cover. It really gives your macbook something special. Keep in mind that this is a long term cover and it's not easy to get it of. :D

Thanks toast for this amazing new look!

Nice Product

Posted by Cory Swain on 19th Apr 2017

Defiantly eye catching! Great product, Seems like it'll hold up after some time. The top was a bit challenging to get aligned right, and I gave up on trying to so its a bit off, I tried to remove some of it but it started to come off in pieces - and I didn't want to do any damage to it. Oh well. I guess it adds a bit of character to it. Still looks very sleek.

Super quality & looks

Posted by J (the Netherlands) on 9th Apr 2017

Just bought my second Toast cover. Now both my personal MacBook 15" and my work MacBook 13" are Toasted. Apart from protecting the laptops, more importantly they make my MacBooks less conspicuously 'expensive Apple', while still making them look good. Different from Apple's industrial looking aluminium, the more natural wood makes it warmer.

Love my Toast covers!

Nice skin...size was slightly off

Posted by Bobby on 3rd Apr 2017

Overall I think this is a beautiful looking skin. The top and sides fit perfectly. The smell of the wood is nice and the material is nice. The only issue I have is the bottom doesn't necessarily fit perfectly. With all the screws and the 4 rubber feet in the corners, it's slightly off no matter how many times I tried to rearrange it. If the holes were maybe slightly bigger it wouldn't look as off center, but it's the bottom so not a major deal. Overall I would def recommend this to others.

Lovely look, feel and smell

Posted by Denise on 30th Mar 2017

I only ordered the top cover and side wraps, because I never look at the bottom anyway. They were easy to apply, but you do have to be really careful when applying such an expensive product. Unfortunately, when I peeled the protective film off the side wraps, one of them bent over and stuck to itself, causing the corner pieces to split. Luckily, I was able to apply the pieces individually, so you don't see it. As mentioned below, tiny hairs do tend to stick to the edges because of the glue, but all in all, I absolutely love the way the cover looks, feels and even smells! I use my laptop in class and three people have already come up to me and asked where I got my cover.

Its nice!

Posted by wesley Taylor on 11th Mar 2017

Its nice. The glue kinda makes it easy for dirt particles and cat hair to stick to it on the edges. Other than that its a pretty easy install and it looks good.

Beautiful cover

Posted by Unknown on 1st Mar 2017

The Toast cover for the MacBookPro 13" with touchbar is gorgeous. The attention to detail, the fit, the look, all surpassed my expectations. It was not difficult to put on, though I was careful and deliberate with installation. The only thing that is keeping this from being a 5 star review is that it has already slightly chipped along one edge, but I'd say that's more a result of wear and tear, though it was less than a week old at the time.

Slick laptop protection

Posted by J. Benning on 26th Feb 2017

After just trading in my 2009 MacBook Pro 13" for the latest model, I wanted to protect it. My old 13" had a 3M vinyl wrap on it which meant that it was in very good shape when I traded it in and I got some money back for it on my new purchase. When I found the Toast product, it was exactly what I was looking for. Sustainable, total wrap protection (I did bottom and sides too) that looks really good and will keep my investment in minty shape underneath for when it comes time to trade in again. I love the look, installation was easy (I did it really carefully) and I love the custom laser engraving I had done.

Awesome skin

Posted by Cramble on 24th Feb 2017

So great looking, nobody believes its real wood until they feel it! Very cleanly cut too, it fits perfectly. Although I was a little worried about overheating, I havent seen any noticeable temperature difference since installing it. Maybe next time ill get a custom one!

Highly recommend.

The perfect Valentine Gift

Posted by Dominic Fernandes on 13th Feb 2017

Super attractive Finish and amazing Fit. Just as Expected. Another good cover to match my Toasted Phone

Good if it didn't break

Posted by Michael on 31st Jan 2017

The case uses high quality wood and is visually pleasing. The design is perfect so it can fit the curved edges and it fits perfectly with the laptop size wise. The top and sides were very easy to install but unfortunately the bottom snapped when I was putting it on so I'm out thirty dollars. Would be five stars if it wasn't for fragile bottom cover!

-----------------Toast Response------------
Hi Michael. Thanks for the kind words, and sorry to hear about the damage!

We do offer a 30-day warranty for defective and some damage, depending on the situation!
Unfortunately, we don't know who you are from your first name only :(

Please reach out to our customer service team to see what can be done!!

Great Product, Terrible Website

Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2017

Despite the rather amateur looking website, the actual product is great. Really good quality, relatively easy to install.

Favorite Christmas Gift

Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2017

I love this product!! Functionality paired with brilliant design. Will be purchasing products from this company again!


Posted by Alex on 6th Jan 2017

Really incredible product -- would highly recommend to friends


Posted by Niki on 4th Jan 2017

My bf has a hideous 17-inch macbook pro I have been begging him to downsize (since they don't make them anymore) so it doesn't look so beat up. Well, scratch that thought entirely. It is now a WORK OF ART!! Toast you guys are amazing, and do incredible work. Please don't ever stop making 17-inch cases, because we will be back. Definitely a highlight gift from Christmas 2016. Thanks again!

Beautiful wood, great case

Posted by Michael Beatty on 31st Dec 2016

This is not a payed review!! I opened the packaging and I was honestly amazed by the quality! You could actually smell the real wood. It was pretty easy to put on as well. I can't attest to the quality in the long term, but I'm sure it'll be great!

Ohlala this is perfect !

Posted by Flash on 3rd Dec 2016

I just received my Toast cover for my macbook pro retina 13, and it's really that I expected. The cover fit perfectly the lines of the product and it looks natural. However, you need to take your time to do the laying, I was a bit worried to not apply the cover correctly.

Excellent product, awesome service

Posted by Aaron on 30th Nov 2016

I ordered the top cover in Walnut with custom wording for my 13' Macbook Pro retina display and it is fan-fuckingtastic. The product is easy to apply, and looks and feels totally natural. I love it, and sometimes spend whole nights touching it.
In all seriousness this is and excellent cover, and I am very happy with it.

Great customer service and product

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2016

Quick response to emails and fast shipping when I asked for it. Product looks amazing!


Posted by Aron Gatt on 11th Nov 2016

This is a perfect fit and finish , it might look expensive at first but its worth every penny.

So cool

Posted by Christopher on 7th Nov 2016

Great product. Great quality. Tons of compliments

Classiest MacBook Case on the Market

Posted by Pam on 6th Nov 2016

So well-made, easy to personalize, worth every cent.

Cooler than Bill Murray singing "take me out to the ballgame" during the world series

Posted by Jesus on 3rd Nov 2016

Slim, incredibly stylish and with an amazing feel. I loved this cover from the moment I unboxed it. Goes on easy and looks like it's a factory install. Gets a lot of looks and compliments.

Best thing for Mac since Steve Jobs.

Amazing Customer Service and Product

Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2016

The customer service is exceptional and the most friendly service I have experienced. They were very understanding and helpful in figuring out a mistake I had made while ordering. I would highly recommend ordering from this company. Their products are beautiful and very well crafted.

Beautiful and premium feeling

Posted by Waldrick on 12th Oct 2016

Best scratch protective case ever. Very stylish and accurately cut. Definitely worth every penny. Sorry for bad english


Posted by Katie C. on 3rd Oct 2016

We purchased a few Air Mac covers for an event, not realizing that they were all custom made. When the timeline started to get tight, the team at Toast bent over backwards to get us the product in time. They were amazing. And then to top it all of the covers arrived on time, and they were beautiful. I cannot say thank you enough for how great it was ordering from Toast and how great the covers looked.

Bringing Sexy Mac

Posted by Vebjørn on 28th Sep 2016

Love your walnut skin for my MacBook.

Love it... but...

Posted by Christine on 11th Sep 2016

I love this product!! However, the corner pieces for the side paneling of my Macbook were not sticky enough to stay on my computer. I did all the preparation steps beforehand as well and they still wouldn't stay on. I also sent Toast an email and I never heard back from anybody! Great looking product though.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the Toast love, and sorry to hear about the side wraps, as well as the lack of response from us! I searched our email system and was unable to find anything under your name with such issues.

It is imperative that the sides of the device are cleaned using the included alcohol wipe so they're free of oils from your hands.

Please apply a little heat from a hair dryer to the problem areas and press firmly - this will reactivate the adhesive and allow it to properly bond.

If you have any further issues, please do not hesitate to shoot an email to or give us a call at (503) 206-7398.

Thanks again for your support, and enjoy your Toasted MacBook! :)

~Team Toast

It is great looking

Posted by Rauf on 9th Sep 2016

The adhesive backing takes time to remove, being patient is the key, having strength in adhesion is necessary for proper bonding to the aluminum.

Love it

Posted by Charoen Singh on 6th Sep 2016

Happy with product!


Posted by Jake on 1st Sep 2016

Gorgeous cover really makes my MacBook Air look stunning


Posted by S. on 30th Aug 2016

I bought my Toast after mixing up laptops with co-worker. It helps differentiate my machine and receives compliments everywhere I go. It shipped quickly and was easy to apply. Looks so much better than the fake wood skins.

Make A Statement of Class!

Posted by Yosh on 23rd Aug 2016

The wood grain is truly exquisite. It seems to withstand rough use pulling out of a backpack. Precision cut apple logo.
Will buy it again in a heartbeat.

Great Cover

Posted by Stephen on 12th Aug 2016

Overall, this is a great cover. It looks very sharp (better than the picture), fits well, and although it may not be as protective as hard cases, it seems to protect against most minor damages. I am satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend this product!

Now my office feels like a forest

Posted by Shack on 11th Aug 2016

I love my new cover! It fits beautifully and ads a glorious element of natural wood aesthetic to my office. Hurrah!

Design Star Chic

Posted by Dawn on 9th Aug 2016

This is seriously the coolest cover on the market. My 2012 MacBook Pro 15 needed a make-over and I'd been coveting this delicious walnut cover for almost a year. What a major difference! I take my MacBook with me to client appointments and this really ramps up my "design pro" cred!
Let's talk application - I read the haters' reviews so took a little extra precaution, but in reality, it was a snap. The laser cutouts are so precise, that all you have to do is take it slow and steady - it lines up perfectly and adheres flush even around the corners.
You guys have really knocked this out of the park - GORGEOUS!

100% Satisfied

Posted by Carissa on 6th Aug 2016

My MacBook Air walnut cover exceeded my expectations to say the least. I was a bit nervous it would add too much to the profile of my laptop but it's as thin as can be and the walnut option is so gorgeous. I can't wait to show it off! I live in Portland Oregon where Toast is based, so I went and picked it up myself. The owner was so friendly; he showed me around and installed my cover himself--it was great! I'd recommend this product and company highly.


Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2016

This cover is seriously amazing. I bought a walnut one for my boyfriend and he loves it. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and customer service was so kind and quick to help me fix the problem. I would highly recommend this cover, it's definitely worth the price!

Better than I even imagined!

Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2016

Lovely craftsmanship. I put it on my laptop with ease and it looks beautiful. It's a lot of money if you opt for the bottom cover as well (which I did), plus I live in Canada so more expensive shipping --- BUT I decided this would be my summer splurge before heading back to university. I am so glad I went for it!!! The price was steep, no question about it. But I can say with absolute certainty that it was well worth the price and it makes going back to school a little more exciting. I would HIGHLY recommend !!!


Posted by Abdallah Suwan on 29th Jul 2016

Exceed my expectations, something that I would highly recommend anyone who's looking for a luxury look for his device to get it . simply i'll say it's amazing , natural texture & smell and stunning appearance

shipment is highly secured with a smart packaging to protect your product, delivered on time, instructions is useful , easy to apply.

Lastly thank you Toast for the quality and thank you for your honestly.

Beautiful but a pain to apply

Posted by John on 14th Jul 2016

I purchased the top with Apple cutout and a bottom cover with name etched in. The wood is very thin and low profile and doesn't add any bulk to the MBP. However, This is where the problems start. It doesn't really have an easy way to line everything up before hand. You basically peel the backing, try to get it perfect and pray for the best. I don't really know what they could've done to make it better but having to get everything perfect if you have shaky hands is a bit stressful to say the least. Also, near the edges the cover has a habit of picking up hairs and threads more so if you leave it on the carpet and/or couch. For as much as I paid, I was a little disappointed at how fly-by-wire the application was but man oh man does it look beautiful. I can't say I would absolutely buy it again if I got another but I'm certainly happy with the purchase.

Hi John,

Thank you for taking the time to review, and sorry to hear of the install trouble!

As mentioned / pictured in the install instructions, there are alignment marks at the back of every laptop cover which line up with the hinge, making it much easier to apply. In the event that you do misalign, we have a "butterfingers" replacement policy; just email a picture showing the misalignment to and we'll craft a complimentary replacement! :)

All Toast covers have a little adhesive exposed around the edges which can pick up lint at first. You can wipe the edges with the included alcohol pad, or just give it a few days of use and it disappears.

~Team Toast


Posted by Dillon on 2nd Jul 2016

This is better than I had expected. The wood is beautiful and the way it lays over the computer is perfect. Great engineering behind the design !

Great product!

Posted by Alex on 12th Jun 2016

Really great product. Looks great, feels great, was pretty simple to install, and it looks like it's there to stay. Happy with the purchase.

Great product!

Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2016

I was taken aback by how cool this product looked after I saw it on somebody's social media--I had to get my hands on one! After buying it, receiving it, and using it for a few weeks now, I LOVE IT! I get compliments everywhere I go (school, coffee shop, etc.) about how unique and cool this case is. It is a bit tedious to install but just take your time and you'll be fine. One of the most outstanding features, in my opinion, is that you can smell the wood stain--so you know its genuine. Overall, a great buy!


Posted by Fab on 16th May 2016

Great cover, amazing ! I really love it! Don't hesitate!
FYI: People from belgium.. Watch out customs clearance fees.. Had to pay 37€ the day of the delivery!!

Don't doubt the pictures!

Posted by Vegard on 11th May 2016

The short answer: It's amazing!
A bit longer: Well first off, it looks absolutely stunning. I can't believe I was having second thoughts cause of the price. it's long forgotten. But be aware!! you'll get envious stares, compliments, and questions about where you bought it!
Anyways, no need to drag this out, can you afford it? Buy it!
(I didn't know it was glued to your Mac, but it makes no difference)

Unrivaled, and worth the money

Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2016

This is a truly exceptional product, and it is in a class of its own. What is truly impressive is the fact that feels and smells like what it is . . . real wood. That's right, it smells like wood. Buy it, you won't regret it. Stop reading. Go buy. Now.

It's Real Wood

Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2016

High quality case that is very stylish! I would strongly recommend.

Apple MacBook wood cover

Posted by Kodiak on 9th Mar 2016

They say you have 10 seconds for someone to make an impression about you. As a professional consultant, I bring my laptop to all my meetings and Toast's beautiful cover has taken my image to the next level so potential clients can make the right initial impression about who I am and the kind of work I produce. Thank you Toast for the unparallel upgrade for my computer!


Posted by Daniel on 8th Mar 2016

About to make my second purchase and deck out my new macbook pro ... amazing look and feel .. any promos going on for loyal customers????


Posted by Lauren on 20th Feb 2016

Wonderful, feels so good on the case!! The side wraps that came were splintered when they arrived but I have been promptly sent new ones. I get tons of compliments on it!!

No seriously, Its real wood!

Posted by Hunter on 17th Feb 2016

Awesome look. The sticker aspect of it makes me a little nervous but the end look is pretty cool. Very happy with the end results. THANKS TOAST!

Like a warm hug for your laptop

Posted by Pete on 1st Feb 2016

Aluminum is cold. Natural materials are warm and cozy. Put it on carefully, and you'll love this thing for years! I had my first one on for two years and came back for another after Apple had to replace my screen assembly (thanks Staingate!). I didn't even think twice. Thanks Toast! You guys rock.

The best conversation starter

Posted by Brandon on 28th Jan 2016

Only have had this case for about a week and I can't even count how many compliments I've gotten on it. It's almost as valuable as a conversation piece as it is a good case for protecting my Mac. Just having the case on feels more secure and I'm able to carry it from place to place without as much worry as I did when I left it uncovered. Very impressed with this case and the speed of ToastMade in producing and shipping it.

Great, but take care of it! :(

Posted by Kristiana M. on 15th Jan 2016

It has officially been a year since I put on my Walnut skin for my MBP 13" Retina, and I've gotten more compliments than I can count. Unfortunately, a strip on the side of the laptop about an 1" long came off. I wish you guys offered repair/patch kits, haha. Sounds complicated but it hurts seeing my baby incomplete. :( Might just buy another skin for my S6 because I had to take it off of my S5 when I upgraded. Anyways, 10/10 would recommend. :) Love my toast skins.

Hi Kristiana,

Thanks for the lovely review, and sorry to hear about the side wrap! As long as the device is thoroughly cleaned using the included wipe(s) prior to install, the high grade 3M adhesives should keep it Toasted! Unfortunately this falls outside of the 30 day warranty, however "Additional Side Wraps" are available for order at the beginning of every section on the site. :)

~Team Toast

Plain Stuff

Posted by Richard R. on 9th Jan 2016

I was expecting something more I guess. The wood is well, just wood. Kind of boring wood. Nothing with deep color. Flat in color. I don't know. I thought it would be something more luxurious. Putting it on was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was proud of myself for that!
And now I can't use my vertical dock. I might not keep the wood on.

Hi Richard,

Sorry to hear of your disappointment! Wood is a natural material, so no two covers are alike. Walnut in particular can have a very different color and grain pattern from one cut to the next. Unless a specific cut is requested in the order notes, we select a veneer at random.

Since you have already applied it, unfortunately we cannot offer an exchange, however we would be happy to offer you a generous discount on a new cover. If you're interested, please shoot us an email at referencing this review. :)

~Team Toast

7 Months and Still Looks New

Posted by Jackson M. on 7th Jan 2016

I put this cover (and bottom cover) on my Macbook Pro 15'' Retina 7 Months ago and it still looks amazing. It has not peeled off in any of the corners. They bottom is a little bit scratched from normal wear and tear but other than that, it is still beautiful!!

Great look

Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2015

Great look - excellent quality; good fit

Distinctive and cool

Posted by Matt on 25th Nov 2015

I got an ebony version with my company's logo cutout over the apple logo. It is truly cool, and people comment on it. I highly recommend if you are one of those people who notice that you can't even tell your laptop anymore at airport security because so many of us now own macbooks.
Feedback to Toast: I think the use of "DaBomb" in the product page is cute, but it not useful for us customers. You should do a little user testing and find out a more intuitive way to do what many people want, which is to get a cool, glowing cutout. Maybe offer "Apple logo cutout" and "Custom shape cutout".


Posted by Kyle on 21st Oct 2015

Great shipping; had it in my hands (in Canada) in less then a week from ordering. Great quality workmanship; detailed install instructions overall, extremely satisfied.

A love lost

Posted by TW on 14th Oct 2015

I had a beautiful walnut cover on my 15" MBPr. Top, bottom and sides - loved it to bits.
Unfortunately the beauty and quality of these covers is also its downfall - they are only for single use.
I had to send my MBP in for a repair for which the top panel and main chassis had to be replaced. The case previously never budged or wanted to come off during its years of use. So no surprise, I wasn't able to salvage it for reuse as the 3M adhesive was THAT good.
So now my MBP is only wearing it's walnut trousers and is naked on the top and sides.
So I no longer get the admiration and inquisition of passers-by about my wooden MBP which happened all the time. A real shame!

Hi there,

Thanks for your review, and sorry to hear about your MBP! Whenever a device needs servicing which requires Toast removal, we always offer the same cover at half price - just shoot us an email at with your Toast order info, and any kind of documentation from the servicing (invoice, email, etc).

~Team Toast


Posted by pj on 7th Oct 2015

Bought the Walnut Toast for the top of my Macbook Pro Retina 13". I get compliments on it all the time. It just adds an extra punch to an already luxurious product. The Apple cutout fits perfectly. Take your time applying, and you'll be satisfied with the results!


Posted by Santiago on 2nd Oct 2015

My complete online shoping experience eoth toast has been amazing. The customer service really take care of you!

Request Refund

Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2015

I expected a different sort of material quality.
Not Veneer.

Hi there,

Our apologies for the confusion! As stated on our FAQs page, we laser cut our covers from real wood veneers paired with a high quality 3M adhesive that adheres directly to your device. This allows you to add protection, grip and gorgeousness to your gadget while retaining its sleek profile. They are not typical "snap-on" cases or printed vinyl decals. There is no plastic involved, and we are very proud of this!

With that being said, we want you to love your Toast! As long as the cover has not been used and it does not have any customization, you're welcome to return it for a refund on the cover cost. Please include the packing slip and send it back to the return address located at the upper left corner of the slip:

403 SE 80th Ave
Portland, OR 97215
United States

As soon as we receive it, we will issue the refund and notify you via email.

Please send us an email at if we can be of further assistance, and hope you decide to try the Toast Experience! :)

~Team Toast

Apple logo cutout

Posted by Gijs on 14th Sep 2015

I would like to know if the cutout for the apple logo is exactly cut out around the logo or is it just a circle around the logo?

Hi Gijs,

Thank you for your interest in Toasting your MacBook, and our apologies for the confusion. We can indeed craft the Apple cutout as a one-off; just select DaBomb (bomb-shaped cutout around Apple) and enter "Apple cutout" in the order comments section at the end of checkout.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at :)

~Team Toast


Posted by Jérémie on 13th Sep 2015

I just received mine and I love it! It's really perfect! You guys are making such a great job! Thank you so much!!!

No apple logo in centre??

Posted by Daniel on 31st Aug 2015

I like the real wood texture and everything, but I was expecting this has a cut line of Apple logo in centre so the logo revealed and it keeps making it looks like macbook and light coming out. However it would looks like a laptop made by Toast after I apply this wood skin :(
I wonder how other people's laptop and iPad still have the logo after they applying the wood skin.
it makes me think if I should return or just use it...

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your review, and our apologies for the confusion! The Apple cutout is available by request, but you must select "DaBomb" etching (bomb shaped cutout exposing Apple logo) and enter "Apple cutout" in the order comments section at the end of checkout.

If it does not have custom text and you have not used it, you're welcome to send the cover back and we'll craft you a new one with the Apple cutout. Please shoot us an email at with your order information and we'll get you taken care of!

~Team Toast

Elegance in Case

Posted by Unknown on 29th Aug 2015

This case is beautiful! The wood with its precision cut enhances the laptop. The design and the product are executed wonderfully.

Macbook Pro 13" Retina Skin

Posted by Unknown on 29th Aug 2015

Application of the skin requires patience and care. But the end results are worth the effort. The fit is excellent and I couldn't really find any fault with it. It really makes you Macbook stand out from the crowd!


Posted by Sharon on 19th Aug 2015

I saw a picture of TOAST on Pinterest. I thought that it looked so cool. I went to their website and they had such a great variety of products and options. I ended up getting a cover for my Mac in walnut. The cover was a bit more tedious to place (I don't do this a lot!) than I thought. I did mess the alignment up but used a hair dryer to soften the adhesive, fixed the alignment and boom! It looks AMAZING!!! I love the wood!!! I love the natural walnut grain finish. Best cover for my Mac hands down!!

Classy Quality

Posted by Alex on 16th Aug 2015

I purchased the Toast Bamboo cover (top and bottom) for my 13" Macbook Air. The quality of the material is top-notch and the fit is seamless. My Air looks fantastic and the subtle lines of the bamboo grain are beautiful. The look and feel of the real wood are astronomically better than any faux-wood decal. The laser etched customization is also done flawlessly. Thank you for making such a quality product!

Much more bland than example photos.

Posted by Jace on 6th Aug 2015

I understand it's a natural product and there will be variation, but my cover is ridiculously bland. It is just almost perfectly straight grain lines with little color variations. All of the examples are much more vibrant and interesting. It I want a bland cover I would've just covered in tan masking tape. Not satisfied with a product of this price not even being comparable to the sample photos.

Hi Jace,

Sorry to hear of your disappointment! We try to represent Toast as accurately as possible, however no two covers are alike. Our walnut in particular can vary in both color and grain pattern. You can see many variations including simple grain patterns in other sections of our site, as well as in the "Post Your TOAST!" section featured on every product page (images submitted by customers).

We also have a "Order Instructions/Comments" section featured in the checkout process where you can request a unique grain pattern, knots, etc. We actually get requests for plain grain patterns all the time.

Our apologies once again for the disappointment, and if you haven't installed it, you're welcome to exchange it for a more unique cover; just let us know!

~Team Toast

Best Experience of my first wooden cover

Posted by Stev on 31st Jul 2015

Order was made perfectly and very fast delivery and very good customer service.
Item was received faster than my expectation. Although the parcel is slightly folded, but it protected by a thick envelop, it still okay.
After i applied it on my macbook, it's precisely cut as i request and very fit to my macbook pro retina 13' (2015 version). Touch feeling is good, very good protection to my macbook.
I was worry of overheat issue, but it doesn't make it overheat.
Thanks Toast, will buy it again :)

arrived on time

Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2015

The product is perfect, exactly as expected. The engraving was also perfect. Just overall amazing


Posted by D on 4th Jul 2015



Posted by Kasey on 16th Jun 2015

Easy to install and simply beautiful. Made my MacBook Air 100x better! I love it!


Posted by Dee on 16th Jun 2015

I have been eying these covers for a while and finally purchased one for my school laptop. Aside from making a beautiful case that protects the computer from scratches and wear, I can tell that Toast is a small business that cares about the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. I received the case sooner than expected and when I ordered the wrong size by accident (I blame Mondays), Laurent was extremely nice and helpful. I really appreciate it!


Posted by Mike Maguire on 12th Jun 2015

Actually, more than rad.
Totally Rad.

Beautiful well fitted case

Posted by Forest on 9th Jun 2015

I purchased this case because I wanted sleek skin like features with a more premium feel than you generally get with a skin. This case truly delivered on that mark. I received fast shipping, the product looked beautiful (I recommend the ebony color to match the black keys of the Macbook), it fit excellently, and was east to apply. I love the different look, and I worry much less about scratching the malleable aluminum of the pro. What an amazing product!

Subtlety Stylish

Posted by Cameron McE on 19th May 2015

I was looking for a cover for my new 15" macbook pro when I stumbled across toastmade and I knew I'd found the one for me. Many other covers have complex designs and vibrant colours. But I didn't want that, I just wanted a simple, yet stylish cover to protect my computer. And since I put it on, I couldn't be happier, it's made my macbook look better than ever. I also go 'da bomb' option and asked them if they could customize it to fit the pre-existing logo on the computer and they were more than happy to do that for me.

This is THE cover to get

Posted by Unknown on 10th May 2015

Just got this, and I LOVE IT! It was really easy to apply and even came with the side wraps too! Although other laptop covers do protect your computer and are cheaper, they don't really look all that stylish. This is the ONLY case I know of that actually adds to the laptop and makes it look even nicer than before. I ordered with "daBomb" etching, but I requested that they use an apple logo instead, and that was completely doable and was no problem at all. I recommend everyone do this because the apple logo etching looks so much nicer! Overall, great product!


Posted by JTB in NYC on 3rd May 2015

Tried a few different decals of wood and ended up tossing them cuz they looked fake. I had no idea that a real wood cover was even out there until a google search brought me here. The customer service was amazing (ask for an apple cut out instead of the bomb and it's no problem) and the quality is aaammmmazing. So happy to be rocking' toast.
Thanks guys! (and gals)


Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

I love this wood cover from Toast, now I can say that my Mac is really mine!
Thank you so much from Italy!

Great Product and Customer Service

Posted by Jose on 2nd Apr 2015

This is my second purchase with TOAST; My first TOAST was for the LG G2 Verizon model and now my MacBook Pro 13 in 2015. I can't say it enough, it is one of the best cover I have for my gadgets. The customer service was exceptional since I forgot to write the font I wanted and within 24hrs they were already emailing me to ask me what font I wanted. After my product was ship to me to my remote location overseas since I am military and the item arrive with no damage and it was as expected. Thank you for a great product made in USA.

MAC just got TOASTED

Posted by karthik on 27th Mar 2015

perfect accessory to make your mac look different. fits perfect and customisation option is superb.
Laptop looks fantastic and the quality of the product is v v good. well made.

Makes the all too common silver Macbook seem a lot more special

Posted by Dave on 27th Mar 2015

Bought the 13" non-retina walnut cover for my girlfriend's birthday (along with a matching iPhone 4s cover). They both look absolutely stunning and the tactile sensation of the veneer is truly wonderful. The fit is quite good, although you do need to pay attention with the top-cover. It's size made it a bit finicky to properly place, but when set looks far superior than the bog-standard Macbook. Cuts for the sides (microphone, DVD-driver, etc.) are absolutely on point. My girlfriend keeps pawing over it with a grin on her face, so that's all that I wanted when I ordered these.

Beyond that, customer service was exceedingly excellent and they communicated swiftly. Definitely worth buying here instead of some vinyl cover. Better quality, better service.

Happily Toasted

Posted by Maybelline's Toast on 24th Mar 2015

I....was extremely excited to get my laptop toasted.
I....almost passed out when I got it in the mail.
I....have blessed my macbook with a toasted cover and it would like to thank the toast-ers immensely for making it look so damn sexy. being TOASTED!

All jokes aside, the cover could not be any simpler to put on. The cover looks and feels amazing on my laptop. I could not be any happier with my purchase. Do YOU have toast? should!!!

Something to hold on to

Posted by EL Edinburgh on 27th Feb 2015

Toast's wooden cover beats the other one that I tried on accuracy of cut and also on the finish of the wood. Toast's production processes match those of Apple's. While it looks a treat and attracts a lot comments, for me the main pleasure is the texture of the wood when I pick my rMBP up and carry it around. Wonderful work guys!

Love for wood.

Posted by Sarah Al-hubaidah on 28th Jan 2015

Hey, I hope you guys doing great. Thanks for your hard work of making the impossible possible. Well, I have always admired the wood as a material to be used in so many cases. the cover is so beautifully made, I faced a tiny issue with sticking it on my macbook!! it was too hard to take it off and redo it again. I hope no-one will notice the small issue ;p but the final look is so fancy and I love it. Thanx again :)

MacBook Air top and bottom cover

Posted by Unknown on 17th Jan 2015

Ordered this item to England and all I can say is it's absolutely fantastic! It's definitely worth every penny and it just makes my Mac stand out from any other. The only improvement I'll suggest is to have the apple logo cut to its actual size. But other than that, the case is perfect!

Beauty meets Tech

Posted by MJ on 10th Nov 2014

I love my Mac cover from Toast! Gorgeous, fits great, a must for any Mac lover!

Beautiful but customer service is even better!

Posted by Carol Naples on 8th Nov 2014

I bought this cover for my MacBook 13" after a fellow student brought in his covered MacBook, and I LOVE it. I had some issues with a chip on the cover and one of the side pieces was cracked, but within a few days I had a replacement. The customer service was wonderful.

MacBook pro wood case

Posted by Unknown on 4th Nov 2014

Simply Awesome! Great quality. Wish the apple emblem was cut out to size instead of a circle around the apple logo.

Macbook Air Wood Cover

Posted by kamron on 17th Oct 2014

Overall very good quality cover. Stuck well to my laptop. Only criticism would be the instructions. Would be nice to have visual instructions as well.