Our best-selling, real wood and leather tablet covers were the very first out there and are still leading the pack in innovation and sustainability. 

Ultra-sleek, design-forward and supremely classy, Toast tablet covers deliver grip and gorgeousness without adding bulk.  


Backed with premium adhesives, our real wood and leather covers hold tight to your tablet with reliable durability for long-lasting style and natural bump-and-scratch protection.  Best of all, they won't leave any yucky, sticky residue upon removal. 

We laser-cut these beauties with exacting precision to fit each model like a glove.  Our wood cover feature geometric detailing that allows the wood veneer to wrap artistically around edges, curves and angles.  We meticulously finish each one by hand to highlight the individual character and unique grain patterns inherent in each piece of wood.


Our leather covers offer even more plush protection than our wood ones do.  We finish our sumptuous leather covers by hand for a warm, stroke-able texture that you won't want to put down. 

Take advantage of our precision laser-engraving and inlay options to showcase your logo, favorite quote, or artwork and make your Toast cover a knock-out one-of-a-kind! 

Every Toast product plants a tree, contributes to environmental charities, and is made with 100% renewable energy.  Every one is designed and made in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Surface Pro / Go tablet wood cover
Toast's best-selling, real wood covers artfully articulate the awesome angles of the Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Go tablets to perfection!  Elegantly engineered with design-forward details, the full kit provides the Surface...
Wrap your tablet in a ridiculously amazing, customized Toast cover crafted from gorgeous real wood!   Your customization options: Laser etching Laser cutouts of any shape, size, or complexity Contrasting wood...
Smart Cover / Keyboard Walnut
Smarten up your Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case for iPad with these perfectly-sized real wood panels, made expressly for those discerning customers in search of the U.T.E. (Ultimate Toast Experience).  Precision-cut with lasers and...
Surface Type Cover Panels Walnut
Put the finishing touch on your Microsoft Surface keyboard cover with Toast's perfectly-sized, decorative, real wood panels.   Precision-cut with lasers and finished by hand for an exact fit and a luscious feel,...
Apple Pencil wood wrap color options - Walnut, Ash, Bamboo, Ebony
Spoiler alert!  You may have noticed, dear reader – we don’t want to upset you here, but we figure you’ve already clocked this for yourself – that THERE ISN’T ANY ACTUAL WOOD IN THE APPLE PENCIL.   We know,...
iPad Covers & Magic/ Smart Folio / Smart Keyboard wood covers
Our sophisticated, real wood covers for the Apple iPad give your gadget grip, protection, and natural style!  Our tablet covers are beautifully engineered to wrap the iPad's back, sides, and corners in one piece of gorgeous wood...
Surface Side Wraps in walnut
A full set of side wraps are included with all Toast tablet orders (if applicable for that model), but you can order extra replacement ones or additional wood types for contrast here! BONUS: Includes matching button covers! Toast wraps add protection,...
Our real wood tablet screen surrounds complement our regular tablet covers to provide extra protection and a completely dialed-in look.  Designed for a sleek, minimal profile with maximum style, our wood front covers are laser-cut and finished by...
Welcome to our gorgeous, genuine leather covers for the Apple iPad!  Sleek, strokable and supremely sexy, our real leather Toast covers deliver protection and serious style.   We laser-cut our leather tablet covers with exacting...
Surface Pro / Go Tablet Leather Cover
Welcome to our gorgeous, genuine leather covers for the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet!  Sleek, strokable and supremely sexy, our real leather Toast covers deliver protection and serious style.   We laser-cut our leather tablet...
Toast wood trackpad surround in walnut.
Once you start Toasting your gadgets, you'll want to wrap everything you own in gorgeous, real wood veneer.   Our keyboard surrounds furnish your fingers with a warm and velvety-smooth wood surface to stroke while considering the perfect...