Get your Toast on! 

Toast covers are not typical "snap-on" cases (and we are quite proud of that), yet they are just as easy to put on (and a lot more fun). Simply align the cover, peel off the backing paper, and stick!  Be sure to follow all of the detailed directions for your particular device located on the packaging. You can find tons of helpful installation how-to videos on our YouTube channel!

Make sure your device is clean and free of any oil or protective films (we include an alcohol wipe or two with most of our covers to help you out, but bigger devices might need more to get spic and span).  

We recommend doing a test fit first (with the backing paper still on) to see how the cover and any small pieces line up on the device. Toast covers are laser-cut for a ridiculously precise fit and designed to adhere like the dickens, so you will want to take your time to make sure it is aligned properly before adhering it to your device.  

No stress! 

Behold, the Toast “Butterfingers” policy - think of it as free Installation Insurance!

Hey now, we understand that installing a Toast cover for the first time can be a little intimidating. They’re engineered for a precision fit, after all; and with the strong adhesives we use to keep them perfectly aligned, they’re not going anywhere once installed. (Pro Tip: follow the installation instructions included in the packaging!!!)  But don’t let this freak you out. You've got this! 

But just in case, our unique Butterfingers Replacement Policy gives you a free do-over if something goes wrong during installation. All we ask is that you send us some photographic evidence of the mishap within 30 days of original delivery (email pics to  You will be responsible for the cost of shipping your new cover. 

Please note that it’s up to our discretion whether your cover is misaligned to a degree that warrants “Butterfingers” status. Hey - we’re perfectionists too, but it’s gotta be within reason! Also, we cannot extend this service for covers purchased from a 3rd party.  Another reason to buy directly from us!

If qualified, we will craft a new cover for you at no charge and we will send you a Paypal invoice for the same shipping method used originally.  If your first order shipped with free shipping, you will have to pay the standard 1st class shipping method cost.

Installation videos galore!

Watch Toast founder/designer/Godfather install all manner of Toast on a mind-bogglingly large array of devices!  His tips & tricks will help you get a buttery-perfect installation.  Here, an iPhone 6:

Razer Blade Stealth Installation video

Note 8 Installation video

Nexus 6P Installation video 

iPad Mini 4 Installation video 


Toast on, Toast off: how to remove a Toast cover

Gently heat your Toast cover with a hair dryer to help release the adhesive for easier removal.  Continue to apply heat this way as needed throughout removal.  (The cover and/or your device should never get too hot to hold.)  Start at a corner of the Toast cover and SLOWLY peel it off.  The thin wood veneer will want to break apart as it is removed, but the slower you peel, the more it will stay in one piece and the easier it will be.  

If your Toast is covering a device that has a rubber or cloth finish (such as the Apple Smart Covers and Smart Cases), you won't need to use heat; simply start at a corner of your Toast cover to get it started and slowly peel it off.  Do NOT use any chemicals or tools for removal as this might damage your device.  If any adhesive remains on your device, simply rub it off with your finger. You can also clean your device after removal with a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth.

Observe below how easy it is to take your Toast off - although we honestly have no idea why you'd want to do that, we thought we'd show you how.  

(Note: Conair did not offer us any awesome devices in return for our inadvertent product placement.  But we're totally open to some.)

You can find other helpful videos on our Toast YouTube channel here!