Laptop Screen / Trackpad Surround (wood)


Once you start Toasting your gadgets, you'll want to wrap everything you own in gorgeous, real wood veneer.  

Our screen surrounds kit out your laptop screen with a good-lookin' protective frame.  

Our keyboard surrounds furnish your fingers with a warm and velvety-smooth wood surface to stroke while considering the perfect emoticon for the occasion. 

Some models cover the entire keyboard area (minus the actual keys themselves) and others surround only the trackpad area.  Laptops with tight hinges won't accommodate the full surround. 

Both are designed with Toast's signature obsessively-perfect detailing, laser-cut and hand-finished to perfection.

These surrounds attach directly and securely to your laptop with a high-quality removable adhesive, protecting it from sand and other damaging particulates.

Available in four sustainable wood choices: walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash.  

Easy to apply: just peel it, stick it on, and Bob's your uncle!

**Limited to models that have adequate clearance for the lid to close properly after installation. See the dropdown menu for availability.