Sip in singular style with our classic pint glasses wrapped in supple, hand-stitched real leather. 

Personalize these classy cuffs with our precision laser-engraving for a fabulous gift that will be cherished and used with pride!  Hand-finished with care, each pint's cover is hand-stitched with a crosshatched detailing in waxed thread.

Looks fabulous, provides excellent insulation, stands the test of time and wear.  Needless to say, when you’re drinking out of something this nice, the glass is always half full!

Every Toast product plants a tree, contributes to environmental charities, and is made with 100% renewable energy.  Every one is designed and made in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

A note about leather:

We Toasters care deeply about our magical, precious planet and all the living things we share it with.  We craft products from cow leather because is it an amazingly gorgeous, natural, biodegradable material that will not harm the environment when it breaks down.  However, we realize that leather does raise some ethical and environmental concerns. 

Leather is a byproduct of the meat and dairy industries.  Cows are not killed for their hides, and only about 75% of cow hides are turned into leather.  If these hides are not used, they end up in landfills, an inexcusable waste of a valuable resource. Like ethical chefs, we care about honoring these animals by respectfully using all the resources they gift us.

Thus far, we have not offered 'vegan' leather products because we have not found an environmentally safe version that meets our needs; most such products are made from synthetic polymers that will continue to poison our air, soil, and water with hazardous chemicals for literally thousands of years.  We are researching safe, plant-based, biodegradable leather alternatives and hope to offer one soon.  Thank you for your interest in these incredibly important issues that affect us all, and stay tuned!

Toast isn’t just for tech!  May we introduce a key player in our quest to live a good life: classic pint glasses wrapped in luxurious, hand-stitched real leather.  These beauties are made to be used and appreciated every day.  These...