Phone Fronts (wood)


Want the full-on wood effect?  Toast front covers are thin, laser-cut and the perfect way to add face protection for your phone. (An excellent idea if you tend to do lots of random gravity checks.)

Available in our four sweet, sustainable wood choices: walnut, ebony, bamboo and ash.  

Make 'em match your phone body wood color of choice or order a contrasting wood for extra snazziness!


Off you go to be epic!


Phone Fronts (wood) Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

S9 Wood Front

Posted by Dave on 24th Apr 2019

Fantastic fit - flawless! Definitely gives a vintage look to 21st century device. I will add, however, that you cannot have this wood front plate AND use a wallet case that has a tray as the plastic edges will force the corners up. So, if you do need to use a cover, find a wallet /case that has a sleeve rather than a tray.

Good case with minor flaw

Posted by Eric on 24th Sep 2016

Front skin was easy to install with minimal effort for my Nexus 6. Quality ebony material wood that is sure to last for a long time. However, the skin attracts lint and dust especially when taking in and out from the pocket. This is a sore point for me. Overall is good nonetheless

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the lovely review! There's a little adhesive exposed around the edges, but rest assured, it'll wear off on it's own after a few days of use and you'll be lint free! :)

~Team Toast

Great product and customer service...

Posted by Tony on 1st Jun 2016

I've been rocking a Toast case for my Nexus 6p for a while now. There were problems with an earlier model and the proximity sensor. If you've read any forums, a lot of case manufacturers have this problem with the Nexus 6p.

Happy to report the Toast team has updated their design and sent me a free replacement (internationally!). Couldn't be happier.

Fronts and back

Posted by Unknown on 17th Feb 2016

Good product, but I miss the option to buy front + back only.
BR/ peter r

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your review, and our apologies for the trouble! If a front panel is available, we always include it on the main cover page as an optional add-on.

Please let us know if you do not see this option for a particular product!

~Team Toast

Great Product Great Service

Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2015

Excellent product,Top Quality all the way. I wanted to make a change to my order and expected to be told sorry cant do it. Instead I was contacted and TOAST and the happily accommodated my change. Thanks !

^^ No regrets

Posted by Joonic on 30th Jan 2015

Afraid of messing up, but it was pretty easy to put on. Just be careful to not cover the lenses (Samsung S5) Will be getting the back cover soon, but I am sure the quality will be just as good :D Fast shipping by just using the free shipping method.
By the way, the finger print scanner still works with the front cover attached if you do not put the button pieces on.

Excellent craftsmanship

Posted by Brian on 14th Nov 2014

Being a person who rarely drops or mishandled their phone, I was happy to come across a product that completely covers the entire phone, and isn't fake wood. Love the product, and delivery was crazy fast. The only drawback is getting little hairs and fuzzies from your pocket in the cracks of the wood, otherwise it's an awesome alternative to some bulky phone case.