Surface Book / Book 2 wood cover



Protect your Microsoft Surface Book laptop in natural, jaw-dropping style with our sophisticated, real wood covers!  

We make gorgeous wood covers for the Surface Book 1 (both performance and standard bases) and the Surface Book 2 in both 13" and 15" models.

The incredible geometric details of our sleek wooden laptop cases are laser-cut with exacting precision for a perfect fit.  We sand and finish each cover by hand to highlight the unique grain patterns in each piece of wood and give your Surface Book a warm, tactile feel and a lustrous look.  Each and every Toast case is a stand-out one-of-a-kind. 

There's no mistaking the beauty, depth, and texture of real wood: Toast cases look, smell, and feel great!  We guarantee that you'll love it every single time you use it. 


You get ALL this awesomeness:
  • One-piece top cover
  • Articulated matching side wraps
  • Matching button covers
  • Fully-articulated hinge wraps
Our covers are a cinch to apply: peel, stick, show off! (Full instructions included.)  

Available in walnut, ash, bamboo and ebony. 

Available accessories:

  • Matching keyboard surround 
  • Matching front screen frame  
  • Matching bottom cover (complete with cutouts for the rubber feet)   
Bonus points!
  • The Surface Book's magnetic stylus docks beautifully right through our gorgeous wood veneer
  • Designed to allow full access to all ports
  • Optional Windows logo reveal cutout
  • Fully customizable! 

Product specs:

*Please note* There are two bases for the Surface Book 1 - the standard base and the performance base.  The easiest way to determine which you have is to look at the profile of the base itself: the Performance Base is a uniform thickness from back (hinge-side) to front, while the Standard Base is tapered - it's thicker toward the hinge and slimmer in the front.  Another clue is the power supply brick (plugged into the wall)... if yours has a 65 Watt power supply, it is the standard base.  If you have the 102 Watt power supply, then it is the performance base version. 

The 13" model is actually a 13.5" technically speaking, we just call it 13" for brevity.  Don't worry, our 13" covers fit it.  

All Toast cases feature: 

  • Long-lasting, high-quality adhesives
  • Naturally durable, gorgeous materials
  • Responsibly-sourced wood veneers
  • Sleek bump-and-scratch protection  
  • Easy removal without any sticky residue
  • heck of a lot of style!
Each real wood Toast cover is designed and crafted by hand to order in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Did you know?  
As a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our net sales to environmental non-profits.  
We also plant a tree seedling through Trees For the Future for each product we make - 
because we've only got one beautiful planet and we've got to do our part to take care of it.

Please note: Custom etchings that exceed 4 inches in height (regardless of width) will incur an extra fee depending on size and complexity.  Additional charges for our amazing custom marquetry options (inlaid wood, metallic, or colored film pieces) are assessed on a per-piece basis based on size.  Toast logo removal is also available for an extra fee.  Our designers will provide you with an estimate of any additional fees with your computer rendering. 

Have any questions?  Give us a shout and we'll help you out!
Go forth and be epic!
30 day replacement warranty against defects in material or craftsmanship. We also offer our "Butterfingers Replacement Policy" so if you mess up the installation, we will send you a free replacement (you only pay shipping cost). 50% off on replacement covers in case your device needs to be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer (limited to the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty).

Surface Book / Book 2 wood cover Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

Surface Book 2 15" Toast Cover - Walnut

Posted by Rattu Lama on 10th Jan 2020

I ordered complete set (top, bottom, inside and all sides). Very happy and completely satisfied. Came in time as requested. I will definitely recommend this product to others. Thanks,

Surface book 2 cover

Posted by Tim hogg on 20th Dec 2019

Slow delivery to Sydney .... Like a month. But quality is fantastic and easy to apply.

Pretty Cool Stuff

Posted by Timothy Pattison on 21st Nov 2019

I loved the look, and took a chance that it might be a good product. I did not know Toast before that order. With a little patience and a little dexterity, the install was actually fun. The product is wonderful. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is easily scratched. The Toast cover is perfect. I have since bought two more for other devices.

surface book 2 , almost perfect

Posted by isaac on 28th Sep 2019

surface book 2 w i7. My 4th or 5th skin from Toastmade, and As many reviewers have said, the skin looks and feels great. Correct cut out for camera, vents, and even for the hinge fit great. knocking off 1 star for the following. After installation, little gaps appeared between the pieces that link up together. I purchased tablet screen skin, plus keyboard skin. The magnetic connection that hold the keyboard and screen together no longer works. you do fill it grip, but its not strong enough to keep it closed. Tablet is still able to hold the pen to the tablet without any issue. BIG BONUS point, i screwed up putting on the keyboard skin, they rushed the replacement real fast. Also sent me replacement button skins for my Note 9 as well. This is my 5th skin from Toastmade, and will keep continue supporting the company. THEY MAKE GREAT PRODUCTS with even better customer service.

Surface book 2 cover

Posted by Diane on 18th Sep 2019

Gorgeous and fits like a glove.

Beautiful Cover

Posted by Joe on 8th Aug 2019

I keep getting compliments on my walnut laptop cover and it looks beautiful. Hoping it stands the test of time now. Really pleased two weeks in.

Surface Book 2 Wood Cover

Posted by Sid Arora on 23rd Jul 2019

Love this product. It's sleek and elegant and I would buy again in a heartbeat. I am curious to see how long the stick lasts before some of the corners start coming up. Also the wood smell is amazing.

Indescribably Great!

Posted by Darcey on 18th Jun 2019

What is there not to say about these wraps. While they did take me a little under 90 mins to apply there are many small pieces that to me were not apparent where they went right away. However, TOAST has some great YouTube tutorials out there that were very easy to follow. I love how every inch of the computer was considered when making the wraps. I purchased both bottom and screen and keyboard covers (totally worth it!) they really complete the look. The wraps were also engineered to a T and fit beautifully, really nothing out of place, all cutouts for camera and other computer features the slightest or any shaving needed. Best part is the wraps are so thin you could most likely still fit a shell around it but why would you want to cover the wood finish! Very pleased with my purchase, would recommend to others and consider buying more products. Only regret I kind of wish I had gotten some custom artwork on the top, but the Windows cut outs are still phenomenal looking. Magnetic pen still sticks to side and can fold into tablet mode without damaging wood or it being too thick to lay down screen.

Toast Cover for Surface Book2

Posted by John W. on 3rd May 2019

I love the look of the walnut! It is well cut and designed, making the surface look more down to earth and not so techie! It was easy to apply and even if you screw up, Toast offers a do-over if you make an error.

Toast Cover for Surface book 2

Posted by Ken Stanley on 20th Apr 2019

Fantastic product!

Beautiful Cover

Posted by Michael Sanders on 11th Apr 2019

The Walnut cover was very easy to install and is absolutely gorgeous! Also, I had a small sliver out of one of the very thin strips. I asked for a replacement strip and they sent me an entire set of covers. Great service and product!

Beautiful and Functional

Posted by Michael Sanders on 17th Mar 2019

I installed the walnut Toast skins on my new Surface Book 2. It is absolutely beautiful and does a great job protecting my computer. I highly recommend Toast!

Toast Surface Book 2 Wood Cover

Posted by Aiden on 4th Mar 2019

Quite a wonderful product. Stylish and wholesome. My computer smells like wood and that is a very nice thing. The application process was finicky but not difficult in any significant way. Many compliments have ensued!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE My Toast Surface Book Cover!!!

Posted by Pamela Jones-Smith on 14th Sep 2018

Love It!!!

Surface Book 2 (15") Cover

Posted by Daniel on 29th Aug 2018

Love the look and feel of this cover. I got the kit that covers top, bottom and the keyboard. Wasn't hard to install but took about 40 minutes. Two small issues: 1. the small piece on the front edge bottom of the base won't stay down right where it curves around the corner on the left side. I'm going to see if they will replace it. 2. The Main top cover hangs over just slightly where the screen detaches from the computer. The adhesive at this location sticks to the adjacent part and makes it difficult to detach the screen. The top edge is perfectly flush and the camera lens is centered with the hole in the cover so it is not an alignment issue. it only sticks over by like 1/32" or so but its just enough that it makes it hard to detach the screen. Thought about trying a sanding bock to it to shave it off just a little to see if that helps.
Other than that love the product.

I wish I was as awesome as my computer cover

Posted by CHARLOTTE BERRYMAN on 8th Aug 2018

Surface book 2
I love this cover it feels protective lightweight and secure this is not coming off I’m still able to disconnect my screen from my keyboard easily to flip it around and my magnetic pencil connects onto the side very easily all ports are easily accessed and the spine cover fits like glove the custom engraving was well worth it getting the buttons put on takes a skilled steady hand but if you can use a pair of tweezers you can do it when you’re separating the backing from the centerpieces be careful take your time and read the instructions fully on one of my spine pieces on the back I thought it separated more than it did and ended up cracking it a bit I know at some point I’ll need to buy a new spine piece to fix but for now that one millimeter inch portion hangs on by about 80% and will do just fine Crazy thing to be worried about but I was concerned that it might give off splinters on some of the smaller thinner wood pieces but that’s a worry of the past not a splinter to be found and I feel safe and secure even just popping my whole computer in my purse

Surface Book 2 wood cover - I will recommend Toast to my colleagues and friends

Posted by Rahim on 5th Aug 2018

I will recommend Toast to my colleagues and friends - Toast team showed great attention to customization details. Excellent design! Thank you

Sweet customising capacity

Posted by Vanessa on 3rd Aug 2018

Made a custom cover using an x-ray. with a bit of tweaking we managed to make it work beautifully on the pale wood using darker shading for contrast. Loving the life sized reproduction. Buttons do become a bit stiffer after application of the cover so be aware.

Ebony Cover in SB2

Posted by Alfredo Vasquez on 31st Jul 2018

First of all the delivery was quick - Fedex International Priority from Oregon to Western Australia in 5 days (technically 3 business days as it was over the weekend)! Secondly the fit is fantastic, and finally, the look is exquisite. I am amazed by the whole experience from order, to unboxing and installing. It took a while for me to install but that's because I was being too careful. But really, compared to DBrand this is much easier to install and the quality is much better. I found the previous skin I had on my SB2 to be harder to fit and it easily creases, whilst this one was easier to line up. I would definitely recommend toastmade to my friends. Will order again in the future!

Toast Surface Book 2 15" Cover

Posted by Tychaun on 25th Jul 2018

I love this product. It was easier to install, and each of the cuts fit without any issues. It has a great feel and has become a good conversation topic. Highly Recommended.

Pretty Fantastic

Posted by Kaladin Stormrunner on 15th Jul 2018

The fit is amazing, and you definitely can peel and reapply the stickers so long as you haven't pressed down on the whole thing. My keyboard surround came in four pieces, which while I understand why from an engineering standpoint, don't really like. It made it harder to align and there's gaps. Also, the keyboard surround seems to bow upwards and as such true to peel away from the actual keyboard. I keep pushing it down, but I'm sure dust and dirt will make its way in there to compromise the adhesive. But the skin is beautiful and feels amazing. The color and pattern cannot be replicated by vinyl skins and the added thickness does not inhibit the device or add any decernable bulk. I definitely recommend this skin (espically since dbrand doesn't make a skin for the 15in surface book).

Surface Book / Book 2

Posted by Andra Bennett on 13th Jun 2018

very good product and excellent customer service. Will recommend them to everyone I know

Awesome product

Posted by Justin H on 12th Jun 2018

I like how my Surface Book 2 looks bare, but wanted to protect it. The Toast is the perfect solution! Easy to apply, and (so far) durable. Above all, it looks fantastic! It's the perfect companion for my Waterfield sleeve.

Walnut Skin Surface Book 2

Posted by Alex on 24th May 2018

Wonderful product, easy to apply, fast shipment even overseas.
The skin is in use for several weeks now. Very durable, no scratches and it simply looks wonderful.
I strongly recommend this product - it's wonderful!

Surface book 2 cover

Posted by DIETER on 7th May 2018

Great quality

I enjoy looking at it!And everytime is like looking at it for first time!Beyond that they all asking me where I found a wooden laptop!

Posted by Katia on 30th Apr 2018

I love it!

Surface Book / Book 2

Posted by Andra Bennett on 29th Apr 2018

Very good service and excellent products. The staff is great to work with and the customer service is very responsive.

Surface Book 2

Posted by Kyle on 13th Apr 2018

Loving the cover for my laptop. The amount of compliments I receive on the cover is incredible and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Although I was skeptical of how easy they made the application sound it turned out to be as easy, if not easier. Everything went on smooth and lines up amazingly. All in all well worth every penny for such a unique and beautiful product.


Posted by Mike on 9th Apr 2018

Bought for my wife. Easy to apply, she loves it!

Attractive, and overall a good product.

Posted by David Lumber on 31st Mar 2018

The Toast cover makes for a very pretty laptop. It took about 30 min to install to set, and the instructions really helped. Surface 2 is a difficult shaped computer to accommodate, but the pieces provided did the job. The hinge pieces fit great and look great. The bottom side piece along the bottom keyboard stuck up a little tiny bit when placed to accommodate the ports. (Because of this I've ordered the keyboard piece so there isn't a little ridge sticking up on the left side.

Protection with style

Posted by Billy Hua on 28th Mar 2018

really enjoying my toast cover.... it looks great and helps protect it from minor scratches and bumps.... i know this cover will be on my surface book 2 for a very long time...

Walnut Skin

Posted by Walnut looks incredible on 16th Mar 2018

This skin looks and feels excellent. The skin fits really well. My only complaint is that a little piece came off the front bottom edge, but I feel like this will probably happen a few times through the life of the skin. As long as it doesn't get uncomfortable, I'm sure I'll enjoy the look as the wood appears more worn and used. Excellent job, Toast!


Posted by Jonathan Neill on 12th Mar 2018

This was perfect!

Worth every penny

Posted by Xavier on 7th Oct 2017

I knew I wanted one of these, but I was skeptical because of the price. This is my first Toastmade product, and I am so glad that I finally got this for my surfacebook. I went with the ebony wood, and it looks great. It is one of those products that when you see it in person or hold it in your hand, you know that it is high quality and expensive. It has good protection against scratches (that is why I got it). Now I dont have to worry about scuff marks or sliding it accross the table. The wood will scratch if you are not careful, but because it is real wood it just adds character, and does not look bad. Everything fit with incredible precision, and all my magnets and accessories are still 100% functional.


Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2017

I love this product, and the company!!! The cover I got for my surface book is wonderful. It looks and feels amazing, and was not very hard to put on. The company accidentally didn't send me all the pieces I ordered, but once contacted the shipped the remaining items to be ASAP (like really fast). This company is wonderful, and for any electronics I purchase in the future I will picking up a toast skin to protect them.

The only draw back to the cover is that it will weaken the attachment of the magnets on the laptop (the ones that keep it closed). however, it doesn't weaken it so much that the computer wont remain shut, just thought I would inform some on.

One of my best purchases of this year

Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2017

Really glad to order this amazing product. Great quality. Great customer service.
For those who want uniqueness, this is the perfect choice.

Great product

Posted by Ashley on 29th Jan 2017

I am very happy with my Toast cover. Installation was fairly easy. The adhesive is VERY sticky. Only down side is that the real wood veneer will scratch and the pen magnet is very slightly less strong.(let's be real, I'm going to lose the pen anyway!) Color and engraving as advertised.

I can't imagine anything better

Posted by Margarita on 5th Nov 2016

I'm totally loving my Toast cover! Makes me like my Surface Book even more. Applying it wasn't that difficult as I was expecting and the quality is realy great. So happy I discovered Toast! :)


Posted by Jason on 12th Oct 2016

Excellent product! Glad I got it!


Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2016

Great product and great support. When I originally ordered I forget to request the Windows logo cutout. Their support was very fast and within a few days of me shipping the cover back to them, I received the new cover with the logo cutout


Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2016

Great case, looks awesome and provides perfect protection!

The quality and uniqueness standout and are above the rest

Posted by Drew on 29th Aug 2016

I purchased a full cover (front/back, bezel, keyboard, screen.. everything) in Ebony for a Microsoft SurfaceBook. My only CON is also a PRO in that the 3M adherent is very strong and not forgiving if you don't line a piece up just right during installation but once the pieces are on, they are staying. The quality and appearance of the solid wood veneer is beautiful and transforms this notebook into a one of a kind device. In fact, while in hospital recovering from a knee surgery I met the Chief Resident and he commented on the cover and asked for Toast's website. I now wish I had paid the extra for a design on the cover.

Hi Drew,

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and thought we'd mention that we have a "butterfingers" replacement policy - any alignment issues, just email us a picture and we'll craft a complimentary replacement. :)

Thanks again for your support, and hoping for a speedy recovery!

~Team Toast

Great product

Posted by Tim K on 26th Jul 2016

Was just as ordered. Easy to put on and looks amazing


Posted by Christopher on 28th Jun 2016

I just received the cover for my surface book and I am blown away by the Toast Team's attention to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every piece aligns perfectly with the laptop edges and fits snuggly next to each other. The case looks simply stunning. Thank you for a great product.


Posted by Ty on 21st Jun 2016

Outstanding! Looks amazing on my surface so glad I bought!

Astonishing Product

Posted by Hiroshi on 20th May 2016

The holes for the camera have been cut out to PRECISION. Even though they don't recommend pulling off the toast cover after it sticks once, I had accidentally pulled some of my back cover off when adding on my hard shell case. I just applied some pressure, and the wood magically formed back into shape and adhered once more. High price, but once the stress of putting it on is over, it is SO worth it. I got nearly the entire set, except the screen addition since I already have tempered glass on it.

Beautiful Product!

Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2016

I accidentally stumbled upon this website through Google and I couldn't be more happier with my order! This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. The quality of the cover is excellent! Once the cover is placed on the Surface Book there is a complete protective layer that wraps your surface book, you won't be disappointed! Each time I take out my surface book people can't believe the excellent quality and protection that this product provides- and not to mention the stunning looks it provides as well! Thank you TOAST!

Absolutely love it!

Posted by Brandon on 6th Apr 2016

I receive many compliments from people and it smells like real wood!

Amazing product with premium quality and finish

Posted by Sumit Pathak on 4th Mar 2016

I knew that this skin/cover would look good on the surface book but didn't anticipate how great it would look after it was installed. It has impeccable finishing, perfect edges and cuts, and adds a high quality finish that will be enviable for those who don't have it. The wooden finish and look is definitely premium in its look and feel. This is worth the money.


Posted by Emily on 3rd Feb 2016

the product is great! It fit my surface book very well and I would like to recommend it to my friends!

Toast Surface Book wood case review

Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2016