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Fits the Surface Book 1.  Surface Book 2 15" models now shipping!  Book 2 13" start shipping Friday.

*Please note* There are two bases for the Surface Book 1 - the standard base and the performance base.  The easiest way to determine which you have is to look at the profile of the base itself: the Performance Base is a uniform thickness from back (hinge-side) to front, while the Standard Base is tapered - thicker toward the hinge and slimmer in the front.  Another clue is the power supply brick (plugged into the wall)... if yours has a 65 Watt power supply it is the standard base.  If you have the 102 Watt power supply, then it is the performance base version. 

Toast's real wood Microsoft Surface Book / Surface Book with Performance Base laptop covers come with a whole lotta fancy business.  The full kit includes a top cover, side wraps, button covers and full wraps for every angle of the articulated hinge.  But there's no reason to stop there!  We know that you are a discerning and clever person who needs options.  We feel you, so we created three matching accessories to help you fearlessly use your Surface Book the way you want to use it:

    1) a keyboard surround that saves the screen from hitting the keyboard when the Microsoft Surface Book is shut;

    2) a front screen frame that protects the screen panel when you detach it to use it as a tablet; and

    3) a bottom cover that features cutouts for the laptop's little rubber feet.  

Bonus: the Surface Book's magnetic stylus docks beautifully right through our gorgeous wood veneer.

The sleek veneer skims the Surface Book with elegantly engineered, laser-cut detailing.  Thee coats of our hand-rubbed finish gives the wood a lustrous look and an incredibly strokable hand feel.  Designed to allow full access to ports, the cover attaches directly and securely to your Microsoft Surface Book with high-quality, residue-free adhesives, protecting it from sand and other particulates that commonly damage devices when they become trapped inside typical cases (because we know you don't want to scratch your Surface, ahem).  

Available in four sustainable wood choices: walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash.  Way easier to apply than singing "Take on Me" at the late-night Chinese karaoke bar: just peel it, line it up with a little care, and stick it on (full instructions included).  Toast: there's no better way to skim your Surface.

Surface Book Reviews

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Worth every penny

Posted by Xavier on 7th Oct 2017

I knew I wanted one of these, but I was skeptical because of the price. This is my first Toastmade product, and I am so glad that I finally got this for my surfacebook. I went with the ebony wood, and it looks great. It is one of those products that when you see it in person or hold it in your hand, you know that it is high quality and expensive. It has good protection against scratches (that is why I got it). Now I dont have to worry about scuff marks or sliding it accross the table. The wood will scratch if you are not careful, but because it is real wood it just adds character, and does not look bad. Everything fit with incredible precision, and all my magnets and accessories are still 100% functional.


Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2017

I love this product, and the company!!! The cover I got for my surface book is wonderful. It looks and feels amazing, and was not very hard to put on. The company accidentally didn't send me all the pieces I ordered, but once contacted the shipped the remaining items to be ASAP (like really fast). This company is wonderful, and for any electronics I purchase in the future I will picking up a toast skin to protect them.

The only draw back to the cover is that it will weaken the attachment of the magnets on the laptop (the ones that keep it closed). however, it doesn't weaken it so much that the computer wont remain shut, just thought I would inform some on.

One of my best purchases of this year

Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2017

Really glad to order this amazing product. Great quality. Great customer service.
For those who want uniqueness, this is the perfect choice.

Great product

Posted by Ashley on 29th Jan 2017

I am very happy with my Toast cover. Installation was fairly easy. The adhesive is VERY sticky. Only down side is that the real wood veneer will scratch and the pen magnet is very slightly less strong.(let's be real, I'm going to lose the pen anyway!) Color and engraving as advertised.

I can't imagine anything better

Posted by Margarita on 5th Nov 2016

I'm totally loving my Toast cover! Makes me like my Surface Book even more. Applying it wasn't that difficult as I was expecting and the quality is realy great. So happy I discovered Toast! :)


Posted by Jason on 12th Oct 2016

Excellent product! Glad I got it!


Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2016

Great product and great support. When I originally ordered I forget to request the Windows logo cutout. Their support was very fast and within a few days of me shipping the cover back to them, I received the new cover with the logo cutout


Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2016

Great case, looks awesome and provides perfect protection!

The quality and uniqueness standout and are above the rest

Posted by Drew on 29th Aug 2016

I purchased a full cover (front/back, bezel, keyboard, screen.. everything) in Ebony for a Microsoft SurfaceBook. My only CON is also a PRO in that the 3M adherent is very strong and not forgiving if you don't line a piece up just right during installation but once the pieces are on, they are staying. The quality and appearance of the solid wood veneer is beautiful and transforms this notebook into a one of a kind device. In fact, while in hospital recovering from a knee surgery I met the Chief Resident and he commented on the cover and asked for Toast's website. I now wish I had paid the extra for a design on the cover.

Hi Drew,

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and thought we'd mention that we have a "butterfingers" replacement policy - any alignment issues, just email us a picture and we'll craft a complimentary replacement. :)

Thanks again for your support, and hoping for a speedy recovery!

~Team Toast